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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yikes, The Dentist....

Had a dentist appointment today--not exactly my favorite thing in the world to do, but it is a necessity. I have always been one to REALLY take good care of my teeth, but have never reaped the rewards...bad genes when it comes to my teeth. Anywho...I got a really good bill of health today. Kind of a strange thing, since nothing much changed with my oral hygiene habits. I brush my teeth at least 3 times a day, and I floss every night, and pretty much always have.

A year ago, I changed dentist (because we moved to a new state). I was told that my gum's were in bad, bad shape. No new news to me. I got my normal scolding, and went home to my business. After six months, went back to the dentist and the bad spaces improved, but the good places got much worse. Again, I got another scolding. This is one reason I HATE, HATE the dentist, because I always get a scolding. Don't know what more I can do, maybe floss three times a day, too? Don't think that would really help much. I just have bad teeth and gums.

Well, today, I had a H U G E!!!!! improvement. I was told by my hygienist that she could not believe how much they had improved. Well, I have a hunch. She did not agree with me, but this is the only thing that changed. Within the last 3 months, I started going to a hormone doctor. They did all kinds of lab work, and found that my adrenals were way out of wack, and that my progesterone level was extremely low. I have always know about my progesterone level, because I have had several miscarriages, and it was due to low progesterone. These past few months, I was put on progestrone cream, and told to take fish oil, and was put on severl types of adrenal builders. I also received a series of three B12 shots. I have read in several places that oral health can be affected by other systems in your body. It will be interesting to see what the hormone doctor says about my oral health improving...

By the way a really good book to read is the most recent by Suzanne Somers "Breakthrough, Eight Steps to Wellness". I read it just before going to the hormone doctor, and my dad read it too. He is really into these type books, including the Dr. OZ books, etc, and told me that every woman and doctor needs to read this book. There are some things in the book that I think are a little questionable, but for the most part, it is very good information that everyone needs to know about.

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  1. It's been told that our dental health is the reflection of our overall health and wellness. Your visit to the hormone doctor had also done your teeth some favor, albeit indirectly. Just continue to keep up with the regular dental rituals and you'd do just fine.