Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Fine Southern Bell

My husband and I attended a funeral this morning for a very lovely Southern Bell. I met her not long ago, and was very impressed with her. She definitely had the Light of Christ within her. As I sat and listened to the stories that were told about this fine lady, I thought to myself, I would like to be like her.

Many years ago, she was a second grade teacher; one that all the kids loved. She was also very active in her church callings. Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints since 1969, she had many opportunities to serve. She served with young and old, alike. She knew her scriptures well, and was very close to the Savior. I enjoyed seeing her each and every Sunday, walk to the front of the chapel so that she would not miss a word.

Our first Sunday in Monroe, we headed for church (not knowing anyone, it is always scary to attend the first time). One of the first to greet us was this fine lady. Just before Sunday School, she approached me and asked if she could sit with me. I scooted over and said, "Sure!" After a few minutes, she asked me to come with her closer...so, I did. A few minutes later she asked if we could move to the front. Very hesitantly, I followed; you see, I am a back row person--I am very uncomfortable in the front. She wanted to sit with me, but could not hear very well, and this is why she wanted to sit up front--to hear every word of the lesson.

Her son offered the eulogy, and he told how she died. You see, I don't think she was ill. She did live a long life, though. He told of that morning, how she laid out her burial clothing along with a scripture reference and her funeral requests. She then sat in her favorite recliner, and went to sleep. It was then she left this world. What a special lady.

She would have been 87 this August, and will be greatly missed by friends and family.

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