Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I really like spending time with my mom. Whenever we get together, whether it be in person or on the phone, we never run out of things to talk about. My kids, my sister's kids, past cruises, cruises we hope to go on in the future, other family members, or just stuff, are some of the many topics we like to discuss.

My parents came for a visit recently. They came for Christmas, then went out to Colorado to visit with my extended family. They especially like to check up on my grandma (my mom's mom) who is in a nursing home. Grandma will be 90 in February.

On their way back home, my parents stopped by our house for a week. My mom and I discussed many things, but especially a problem that many of us are having--belly fat. Even people who are thin seem to have some belly fat. What do you think it is? I have my idea...and that is what is being put into our food. Now, I know most of us do not eat right, but I know people who are doing a very good job of eating and exercising like we all should, and still have some belly fat. I use the excuse that I've had four children, but that is all it is--an excuse.

Mom and I set up a program with the help of a new book that is out--The Flat Belly Diet. I've heard some poor reports about it, and some good ones. As we read through those who did not like it, it came to our conclusion that many did not read the book. We gave it a week, and I lost 2 lbs, and Mom lost 4; and that was with little exercise. I usually walk everyday, and Mom goes to the gym everyday, but since it was in the 20's and 30's each morning, we did not bother to walk. We were pretty excited about our success, and hope that it continues. Next week the weather is suppose to be much better for walking, so I am hoping I have another week of success. My mom will be back to the gym, so she is hoping for the same.

Besides talking about belly fat all week, we also did some shopping (did not buy much at all). We also went out for lunch. I like going to lunch with my mom, and also my daughter, because we always split everything. The portions are just too big, so when we go, we get one entree and split it--it is always plenty of food.

You may wonder what my dad does while Mom and I are visiting. He really does not like to go shopping or to lunch with us, so he stays at home. He likes to watch CNN, Fox News, Discovery, The History Channel, etc. He is a very intelligent man. Sometimes we have some pretty heavy duty conversations. Sometimes, I think he may be a little out there, but as time goes on, I am seeing that he is more and more right--kinda scary....

Early this morning, my parents left to go home. I will miss my parents, but am glad for modern technology, as I know they are always just a phone call away.


  1. Now we just need to get them both on Facebook!

  2. yea, right, lol. Don't think that would ever happen...