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Sunday, June 29, 2014


Lately, I have a lot of people ask me about my shoes. Most of these people are having foot issues.
Here's some background on my bad feet...

I grew up in Florida...probably enough said on that. Growing up in Florida = barefoot much of the time. We went to the beach a lot and had a pool, so, yes we were barefoot...A LOT. Family joke..."When you put your shoes on, you must be going somewhere, right?"

Not only did I run around barefoot all the time, I also was a dance major in college. We mostly danced in bare feet. At the time, I did not think much of it. When I hit 40, I started feeling the affects of that.
sorry, all my dance pics were too faded. :(
So, what to do? Well, a couple of years before my feet started bothering me, my sister and mom were turned on to Birkenstock shoes. You know those "ugly granola shoes?" 

Once my feet REALLY started to bother me, I went to an orthopedic doctor and all they wanted to do was give me cortisone shots and put me in an orthotic, which means tennis shoes for the rest of my life...even to church...with my dress. Well, that's lovely. Plus the fact, my feet enclosed in a shoe alllll daaaaay long...NO WAY. So, I decided to try the Birkenstocks; I've been wearing them every since.
Ya know what? They actually have some cute styles too!
These are my favorite pair!
These feet belong to my sister; the one who started the Birkenstock craze in our family.

Some of my issues I started having were that I felt like I was walking on sharp rocks (my heels). Because of the way I was walking due to being in so much pain, the rest of my body started to hurt too. The doctors said they thought it was fibromyalgia. I knew it was not. I went to another doctor, and I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis (this is the doctor that wanted me to wear tennis shoes with an orthotic all the time). I still suffer a little bit with sore feet. I also have bunions that burn and my toes tend to go numb. I think that is some sort of neuropathy. Just lately, I've been having these aches on that bone on the outside of my foot. If I remember correctly from my anatomy class it is your tuberosity. It feels bruised. I think I have these issues because I don't really wear my shoes 100% like I should; I just wear them about 90%.
Walking on the beach barefoot is a big no, no, even though I do it sometimes.
I'm sure banging around in my tap shoes don't help either, but I just can't help it. 
Oh, and no more of these type cute shoes either...
Oh well...

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  1. Yes! Berks make a huge difference for me too. I've also had a few people notice them lately, usually women like me with bad feet!