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Friday, June 13, 2014

Ongoing Saga of Selling The House...

I love my family and love to hang pictures of them, but when selling a house....
They must come down. I was told not to take them down by my first realtor, and was happy not to have to do that...due to having to paint a two story wall.
Realtor #2, said it needs to be done, so we spent yet some more $$$ to paint.
Another issue we had was this stupid wallpaper. Have I ever told you I HATE wallpaper? Originally, when we bought this house, I was going to take this dining room wallpaper down. But, it grew on me. It wasn't bad, and so it stayed.
Like I said, not my choice, but it looks good...except that light fixture. That was on the chopping block, but I didn't have time to mess with it before we had a for sale sign in the yard...oh well, whoever buys it can put what they like there.
 We usually like to do our own painting and fixing up, but since we had to hire someone with a tall ladder for the entry, we decided to go ahead and have him take the wallpaper down and paint the dining room.
Looks nice...looks pretty bare too. But it is a blank canvas for the new owners.
Now send me some buyers! :)

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