Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Happy Early Birthday to my Daughter In Law!!!

Today, we celebrated my daughter in law's birthday.

We had Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner, and I made a brownie for her "cake." Figured I did not want a huge cake laying around calling my name for the next week....


It was a caramel chocolate brownie...YUMMMMO!

The directions called for 1 egg, water and oil. In the past, I have used coconut oil, and it actually gives the brownies a nice taste. My daughter and her husband are vegan, and they usually substitute flax seed for eggs when baking or cooking. I decided to try that. The recipe...1 T flax ground flax seed, 3 T water, let set until it gels up...about 5 minutes. Then just use as you would an egg in your brownie, cake, or cookie recipe.
Now, I could lick the bowl without everyone getting on to me about eating raw eggs. 

So...the outcome....

It taste good,

BUT, the consistency was crazy. The outer edges were way too done, and the inside was not done at all. Not sure if it was due to the fact I used a flax "egg" or maybe it was because I used my small oven (which I have done before). Maybe it was the combination of flax "egg", coconut oil, AND small oven. 

Ya know....it tasted very good, and that is all that counts.  

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