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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Amazing Make-Ahead Baby Food Book

Being a new grandma, I am always looking out for my granddaughter and her mom. I was really excited about this book, especially since my daughter and her family are very health conscience. 

As I go through this book, I even see things "I" want to try! The author, Lisa Barrangou, shows you how easy it is to make food for your little one. Yes, buying processed jarred baby food is convenient, but homemade baby food using fresh, whole foods are far superior, and don't you want the best for your baby?

Lisa takes you through the simple process of making and freezing your baby's food. She even has a three month menu of meals. Great for the first time parent (or second, third, etc.)

Month one, first few days, she starts your baby out with sweet potatoes. The second food she introduces are sweet peas. By the last week of month three, the menu goes something like this: Breakfast, quinoa cereal + cherries + blueberries. For lunch it's blueberries + peaches + yogurt, and for dinner avocados + mangoes + black beans. Now does that not sound absolutely delicious?! 

I know my daughter is very anxious to get this book, and I look forward to having dinner with them soon and tasting some of these yummy creations myself.

 "I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

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