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Monday, June 15, 2015

Lazy, Fat, and Sloppy, NO MORE!

Last week, I received my latest book from bloggingforbooks.com

No More Excuses Diet
3 Days to Bust Any Excuse
3 Weeks to Easy New Eating Habits 
3 Months to Total Transformation

Ok, so the girl on the front of the book is not realistic for someone like me...55, mother of four, and menopausal. Maybe back in the day when I was in my 20's and dancing everyday, but not now, and I need to understand that.

I have done many diets throughout my adult life, since I started having babies, and I have found that my body rearranged itself. My waist is in a different place, and I tend to carry my weight around my gut, not my hips like when I was young. Boy, I use to have the teeniest, tiniest waist! I was very self conscience about it too. UGH!

Ok, so no more excuses! I know I cannot be the person I once was, but that doesn't mean I can't be healthy. I need to not listen to what the media says is the perfect woman. I have to be my perfect self! 

The day after I got the book, I sat down, like I do with all the books I get from bloggingforbooks.com. Usually, I read and skim through them. Not this one! As I read through it, something told me to try it; and I am going to do just that.

Thursday, I sat down with the book and made my goals and plan of action. It is always best to start out with smaller goals to reach a bigger goal. I don't really need to loose that much weight, just a total of 15 pounds. My first goal toward that is to loose 8 pounds before I go to Florida to visit with my family, including my grand daughter and her mom and dad who will be there visiting too :D

I had 9 1/2 weeks from when I began. They say that loosing an average of 2 pounds a week is healthy, so, loosing that 8 pounds in 9.5 weeks, is doable. 

Friday morning, I started my exercise routine. Now in the past, I have been one that exercises. Growing up, I was very active, and during college, well, I was a dance major, so I was VERY active. After I was no longer going to college, I worked at a hospital, and did a lot of walking to different clinics. I could have taken the elevator, but I did not, I took the stairs. I also taught aerobic classes in the evening and went to the gym.

When the kids started to come, that is when it all went downhill.  I had to be put on bed-rest with everyone, and that got me out of the exercise habit. I did try to walk after their births, but between crying babies, and dogs chasing us, that didn't last very long. Over the years I did take tap classes, but that was only once a week, so not much as far as exercise goes there. 

Fast forward to when the youngest two are in high school. We just moved, and I met a group of ladies that walked in the neighborhood. We walked 3 to 4 miles a day...in an hour, so it was not a saunter, it was a WALK! We were...."The Walkers...."

Then, we moved again. Well, this time, I joined the YMCA, and did Pilates, Yoga, Water Aerobics, Water Walking, and I swam a mile each day. Some days I added treading water for an hour. Being at the gym for 3 hours a day, I was in pretty good shape! Not the little thing I was in my 20's, but I was in good shape, and felt great!

Then...we moved, again (we do that a lot). And here I am today. Lazy, fat, and sloppy. But hopefully, not for long! 

Each day (Monday through Saturday), I will get up at 6:45, grab a piece of fruit and out the door on my 20+ minute walk. Oh! and by the way...I met a lady in the neighborhood who just started to walk the very same day I did! That made me happy (and made her happy too). Now, I have a new friend to help me keep my commitment. That is important when doing things like this. A friend can help you keep on track.

We walk for about a half hour...2 miles, and then I come home, and have me a protein smoothie. Today, it was a cherry with chocolate flavored Slim and Sassy Trim Shake by Doterra. After my shake, I grabbed my yoga mat and small Pilates ball, and headed to our sunroom for some strength exercises, small weights for arms, planks, superman's, and Pilates sit ups with the small ball to support my back. I ended with several sun salutations and then a child's pose. I felt good....sweaty, but good!

So, I have made a commitment to myself, to my new friend, and to you....that is the reason for this blog. It will probably be a few months before I report back, but I do plan to do so....stay tuned....

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