Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Friday, January 12, 2018

Beach Jewelry

My sister gave me some jewelry making supplies for Christmas, and my creative juices got going. I've been wanting to revamp my Etsy shop, and some of the things I've been working on are perfect. 

One of the gifts I got from my sister were some gorgeous Chinese Beading Cord in beautiful tropical colors. The first thing I made was this multi strand, multi beaded wire wrapped shell necklace. I love it, and will be keeping it for myself.

This piece I made and is now listed on my Etsy shop. It is made from seafoam green cording with which I crochet pearlized glass beads. I added a brass seahorse charm I was able to pick up while in Puerto Rico last spring. 

I've been doing a lot of traveling lately, so while sitting in the car, I have been crocheting jewelry and messing around with different styles. 

This next piece I absolutely love, and will be keeping it for myself. I do plan to make it into a lanyard and wear it on our cruise that is coming up in a few months. I made it from an oyster shell I found while beach combing in Cocoa Beach, Florida (my old stomping grounds). I hung a few other shells onto it for a layered look and crocheted and knotted and shredded the hemp cording that the shells hang from. This piece is not for just anyone, but those of us who love the beach boho or shabby chic look will love it!

As I was creating, I was thinking about those who would love to wear their jewelry while surfing or swimming. Most any piece of jewelry, from 18K to costume should NEVER be worn at the ocean or pool. The salt and chlorine is really bad for your jewelry, and can deteriorate your pieces quickly. 

I started making necklaces using hemp and shells I had found on the beach, then realized they would make great multi strand bracelets or anklets! Just tie them around your neck, wrist or ankle, and you have a great look at the beach or pool.

Now, some of the other pieces I have listed on my Etsy shop that are wire wrapped or beaded, I do not recommend wearing to beach or pool. These are great to wear while out on the town.

Where are some of your favorite places to go? Do you like to wear jewelry that reminds you of those places? If you love the beach or love to cruise, check out TappingflaminogBling. I also make purse or bag jewelry/keychains and other fun accessories that would be great for gift giving or fishextedners. I also have some fun accessories such as wine glass charms and cake pulls that would be great for your wedding. 


  1. I love these. I have a ton of sea glass I was able to collect while in Monterey and can not wait to get started.

  2. oh wow! I wish I could find some sea glass. There area of Florida I am from has very little sea glass. I have never even seen any there, and only know of one person who actually found a piece. I will soon be posting about a couple of pieces I was commissioned to create out of sea glass a friend found while in Massachusetts. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)