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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Package Presentation

I was having a conversation with someone the other day about things we receive in the mail. When you order something online, do you pay attention to how it is packaged. I mean, we all know how important it is make sure your purchase is safe and secure when going through the mail. I'm really not talking about that so much as I am talking about presentation. 

As time has gone on, I package my orders differently. When I first started out, I wrapped them in pretty tissue, tied a ribbon around it, put it into a bubble mailer, and it was off.

Lately, I've been making these pretty Hobo Drawstring Bags (as I have named them) to put my orders into. They also go out in a bubble mailer. 

Sometimes I use organza bags, but whatever I do use, I like to keep the theme going.

How important is it to have a pretty package? Do you like the pretty presentation? Or does it really matter? There are a few ways to look at this question and answer it. 

1. When someone takes the time to make your purchase look pretty, I feel that they really care about, not only their product, but you....the customer. YOU are important enough for them to take the time to make your purchase, from them, look pretty.


2.  On the other hand....packaging materials and time is money. Somehow this is all incorporated into the price. You know those pretty turquoise Tiffany boxes with the white bow? So pretty...and you know exactly what that is....a piece of fine jewelry from Tiffany's. You also know that whoever bought that spent some bucks on it.

3. When I get a package in the mail, and I open it up and see something nicely presented, I get excited. It's like I am getting a present....a gift!!!!  

So, how do you look at something you ordered that has a beautiful presentation? Do you say to yourself, "Cool I got a present!" or "Wow! I'm important enough for someone to spend the time making my purchase look nice." Or.....do you say something like, "Wow! I wonder how much that cost?" lol

I'm just curious as to what you think. I enjoy making your purchase look nice. It is a way for me to say, "Thank you for your purchase from TappingflamingoBling."

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