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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Hello! I'm Terry with a Y.....

My name is Terry...with a Y.... I've always hated that. I am the oldest of three girls, and my mom loved the name Terry; and loves y's. I have a sister named Tammy and another sister, Tracey. Mom had to all T names that ended in y....

When I was in jr high, I started to spell my name with an "I", and up until I graduated from high school I was Terri with an "I." When I saw my high school diploma with Terri with an I, I thought, "hmmm...maybe that is not such a good idea; that the name on my diploma does not match the name on my birth certificate. So, I went back to Terry with a Y. 

Why did I hate the Terry with a Y name so much? Because I was always put in the category with boys. As a university student, I majored in dance...for real... In order for there to be equal amount of boys and girls when you register for ballroom classes, there are separate registration numbers. I was always careful to register for the female section, but for some reason, I was put into the male section. Not just one time, either.

I remember one time I got something in the mail reminding me to sign up for the draft. I've been put onto our insurance as a male, which messes up billing sometimes. When I was in the hospital, I had to be taken for a procedure. As I waited for them to take me back to my room, an aid kept walking in, would look around, and then walk out of the room. This went on for quite sometime. Finally, when she came back, I asked her who she was looking for. She told me....Mr. Carter. I told her that I was "Mr. Carter." This happens to me almost every time I go to the doctor....anyway, the list goes on and on as to why I get frustrated with being Terry with a Y. 

Ok...so, the other day, my mom told me that my 15 year old autistic nephew was walking around repeating this phrase over and over....Hello! I'm Terry with a Y, and I'm Terri with an I, and I'm a dance major....!

Let me just say, I have four children, but the youngest is 23, and my grandchildren don't watch TV, so I'm out of the children's TV/Movie loop right now. We had no idea where in the world my nephew got this. I do have a youtube channel, but I've never said anything about being Terry with a Y or Terri with an I, or being a dance major. Besides, I was a dance major 34 years ago, lol.

So....I decided to search Terry with a Y and Terri with an I on the Internet. Oh. MY!!! a whole slue of things showed up. This is where he got it, and I'll have to say, this is too funny! 

I don't know if there is a shirt with this on it, but I HAVE to have one!!!!! Because....

I AM Terry with a Y and I'm Terri with an I, and I WAS a dance major!!!! For real!!!!!

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