Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I just want to take this opportunity to thank my Father in Heaven for so many things! Especially the blessing he bestowed upon our family by watching over one of our sons who was in a automobile crash that should have been fatal. All week long, he had been asking if he could go to the high school football game with his friends. There were four boys who were to be going. I've never let any of my kids go this distance whether driving or riding with friends. But, even though, I had second thoughts, I let him go. The weather turned really bad, we had quite a bit of rain, and the town (about 30 plus minutes away on back roads) had some power outages due to a small tornado earlier that day. I told our son that he had to come home with us after the game, but that he could ride with his friends.

My husband and I left for the game and about ten minutes later the boys left. When we got into the town, we decided to stop and get a hamburger. As we were sitting in the car chatting and enjoying our dinner, I got a call--from our son--RED flag (he always texts). I answered the phone and Scott told me not to panic...pause...my friend rolled the car. I tried to stay as calm as I could and proceeded to ask how they were. There were only two boys, my son and his friend, that wound up going (fortunately). We found out where they were, and headed to the scene. As we approached the scene, it was just starting to get dark and still raining steadily. I could see the silver Honda Civic off to the side of the road. It looked like aluminum foil. As witnesses approached us and told us what happened I immediately knew that both these boys were very fortunately to have walked away.

From what I was told and what the police report says, the roads were a major factor in the crash. The boy was speeding which was one reason for him loosing control. The boys were both wearing seat belts, and that was a contributing factor for them walking away unharmed. The boy approached a hill and as he crested, he could see electrical workers at the bottom. He panicked by slamming on his breaks and then over corrected, hit a culvert which catapulted him in the air about ten feet. While in the air they spun upside down, landed and rolled the car. Before the electrical workers could get to the car, both boys were out of the car walking around looking for their phones to call their parents. The phones were found side by side, neatly placed over to the side.

I hope that we can learn from this incident. First off--no speeding. That goes for all of us. Speed limits are there for our safety. There are so many times that I have people pass me as if I'm going backwards! And, that is when I am speeding...! If you really need to get there that quick, then leave earlier. Second--just because the speed limit says one thing, sometimes, we need to slow down. Especially in bad weather. I was told last night, that this was not the first time a bad crash happened in the same place. The road conditions were very bad that evening due to all the heavy rain and storms we have had. The road itself on a good day is not a very good road. Sometimes we just need to adjust our speed according to road conditions. Third--there are bad things that happen in this world to good and bad people. That does not mean that there is no God. That also doesn't mean that God is a bad god. We all have the freedom to make choices in our lives. Sometimes we do not make good choices, and we have to suffer the consequences. Sometimes others make bad choices that affect good people, and sadly, the good people sometimes have to suffer the consequences. That is why we need to think twice before we do things. The boy driving is having a really hard time emotionally. He did make a bad choice by speeding, and it could have had great consequences to two families, but it did not. His father said something that I really do believe. These two young men have great things to do in this life, and it was not their time to go. I hope that all of us take our precious time on earth, and make the most of it. All of us need to think before we act, or speak..

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