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Friday, January 14, 2011

Class at the Sterlington Library

So, yesterday, Judy and I got together one last time to do last minute planning for our jewelry class at our local library. Judy is a really nice lady I recently met through jewelry making. She works at the library, and was excited to meet me. The library has been wanting to do some type of class in the jewelry area. We met months ago, and have been meeting about every month and putting ideas together. We have decided to have a class on "How to Get Started." If there is interest, then we will do a how to class. Yesterday I found out that two more of our local library branches want us to come and present our class. We are both excited to do so.

Our first class will be held at the Sterlington Library starting at 12:30 on January 20. You will learn about the tools you need, different types of beads, string, wire, and forms of jewelry making. You will also learn what a bead board is and how to use one. We have several books to displayed...mostly my sister's books including her newest...The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making: More than 700 Large Format Color Photos by Tammy Powley.
You can check her book out on Amazon.com

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