Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Friday, April 22, 2011


Being a mother of three boys and a girl, I have spent many hours watching their various activities. All three of our boys love soccer, and until we moved to Louisiana, we were very much involved with the sport. Sadly, soccer is not very popular here in Louisiana, and so they have not been able to be involved much.

In addition to our boys playing soccer, our oldest son, Miles wrestled in high school. Miles also did some karate for several years. Our middle son, Scott played some football, cross country, tennis, and A LOT of baseball. Since he had a very bad knee injury a couple of years ago, he has not been able to play. Boy, do I miss those nice warm spring and summer days watching him play.

Our daughter danced, and still does. She is now about to finish her last term at BYU and will have her degree in dance. Being a dancer myself, I really got into her sport a lot. I call myself a dancer still now, even though I haven't been able to do much for several years. You may ask, "What on earth does one do with a dance degree?!" Well, actually there is quite a bit one can do. I had planned to go into therapy with my degree...but instead I got married and helped my husband get done with school, then had some amazing kids. Ashley had thought about going into therapy, but I think for now, she will try to just teach, choreograph and perform. She is getting married in June, and then her and Jeremy will probably be headed to Baton Rouge, LA to LSU. Jeremy will be majoring in Kinesiology, and Ashley hopes to be able to dance with a company and teach at several studios. She would also like to have some choreography opportunities. But anyway, enough of that...back to the boys...

Benjamin, our youngest has not only played soccer and football and done a little karate, but now has started being involved in track. He has just started competing in pole vault. Boy, does that look like a fun sport! Yesterday, the school sponsored a track meet, and so I went up there to take some pictures. For just starting out, Benjamin is actually pretty good! I really enjoyed watching them fly through the air. Benjamin is just a sophomore, so if keeps up the hard work, maybe by the time he is a senior, we will be headed to state.

Keep up the hard work, Benjamin!!!

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