Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Welcome To Our Neightborhood Gargage Sale

Today was the big garage sale day in our neighborhood. I did some pre shopping yesterday and got a few things. Today, though was the main shopping day. It was suppose to start at 8, but everyone was out and shopping at 6:30. My poor husband had to work, and left about 6:30 and could hardly get out of the subdivision.

One of my walking buddies, Evelyn, and I left about 7:30 and headed out on her golf cart. Boy, is that the way to go. We can just zip in and out in no time. I had my mental list and we were off. The things I was looking for: kitchen chairs, outdoor furniture, and day bed were at the top of my list. The first place I stopped was on my way to Evelyn's and I hit the jackpot. I got 4 really nice kitchen chairs, $15 for all of them--together! All that needs to be done is to reupholster them, and I've done that before. Other than that, they are in really good shape and quite comfortable

The first place Evelyn and I stopped, we saw some really nice dishes. A service for 4, and brand new too. I went ahead and got them, because they were blue and yellow...just the colors my daughter was wanting in her kitchen. Heck, if she doesn't want them...I do. I love them. Since the place was across the street from Evelyn's we decided to take them to her place so they wouldn't get broken before I could get them home.

On to the next place, and next place, etc. The other things I picked up was a clock for $1 (for our Young Women's room), a spice rack, and a pillow.

One place we stopped, Evelyn and I saw these cool snowman plates and mugs. They were $5 for the set. I really did not want the mugs, and Evelyn did not want the plates, so we asked if we could have the set for $4, and we split it, so I got snowman plates for $2, and they match my snowman cookie jar that I've had for years!

One other thing I got that I was excited about was a paper towel holder. I've actually been in the market for one, and I found one for $1!

The last thing I picked up was an end table. I really don't like the color (dark green), so I am going to paint it. Probably white, but not sure. All it needs is a lamp shade, or I may just take the lamp part out all together and it can just be a plain ole table. You really can't tell by this picture, but it has a magazine rack on the bottom.

Well, I think I did pretty well. I saw all kinds of people with trucks overflowing with their prized possessions. I even saw my patio furniture that I was looking for--in somebody elses truck :(. Someone beat me to it. Oh well, maybe next time...


  1. Glad you had fun shopping :)

  2. Looks like you had a very success-
    ful day...everything looks great,
    I particularly like the chairs.
    Sounds like is was also a lot of