Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Thursday, September 1, 2011


This has been such a summer! In May, Scott graduated from high school, in June, Ashley graduated from BYU AND got married, in July we had two wedding receptions, and Scott started college, and in August we find out we are moving...to Kentucky!

Just before the wedding, Bill got a call from a head hunter about two jobs. One in Dallas and one in Madisonville, KY. We quickly brushed both off because we did not feel it was the right time.  Dallas was a for sure NO, because it is further from family, and we don't want to live in a humongous city.  Kentucky...maybe someday.  Benjamin still has two years of school left, Scott is just down the road at college, and Ashley and Jeremy are just a short days drive away...near a temple!  Surely we will be seeing them at least once a month.  Funny, how the Lord has other things in store for you.

As the summer progressed with all the activities, the job in Madisonville kept coming up. So we started entertaining the thought.  As we look on the map, we see that it is just 2 1/2 hrs from Bill's mom and dad and just 1 1/2 hrs from Nashville, TN where he grew up and the rest of his family are.  Granted, we always prayed that we would be able to retire closer to home.  For me....that would be Florida.  Even Georgia would do; that could be halfway between.  But Kentucky?!

Last week, Bill received the formal job offer.  We sat down and put it all on paper.  Hmmmmm....looked good.  But what about our kids?  Especially Benjamin.  I NEVER wanted to pull one of my kids out of the middle of high school.  I know, people do it all the time, and kids adjust wonderfully.  But I like it here!  I have made some really nice friends.  We have grown close to the people at church, and I have a group of neighborhood ladies that I have grown close to also.  We walk everyday, occasionally we have lunch together, about once a month we have classes at the local library, etc.  Crum!

After looking at it, my husband could not make the decision without me seeing the place. So, we took a quick trip to KY.  We drove up, did some house hunting, spent the night and went to church.  We both had a really good feeling about it. So it was back home we went to break the news to our kids.  We had already mentioned to them, what was going on, but I'm sure in the back of their minds, nothing would come of it...surprise!  We are going....

So, yes, Benjamin will change schools, and we will be leaving Scott and Ashley behind.  uggg!  I just hate it.  But you know, it is only a temporary thing.  Scott will not always be here in college, and neither will Ashley and Jeremy.  Before we know it, they will be moving out of Louisiana too...maybe they will find their way up to Madisonville too, or maybe not.  All I do know is that the Lord wants us in Madisonville, and so that is where we are going.  In all the moving around we have done, I have learned that it is all attitude.  What attitude we take with us to our new home, is how we are going to like it..or not.  So, it is with a positive attitude that I leave Monroe, Louisiana.  I am thankful for all the memories I will be keeping and the good times I have had.

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