Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fighting Cancer

It is so weird sometimes, when things are on our minds. The other day, I made a visit to the dermatologist to get a couple of moles taken off. They were new ones that I just noticed. Both were dry, itchy, and irregular shaped, all the signs of ones that need to be removed and checked. I am one of those who, as a young girl, spent many hours on the beach and at the pool slathering baby oil all over me to get that tan, AND...on top of that I am very, very fair. Still a very light natural blonde with very fair skin. I know it is probably only a matter of time before I pay for those actions.

As I was sitting in the office, I picked up a magazine and found an article that caught my eye. It was about a lady who started Ears To You, a non profit corporation who gives earrings to women undergoing chemotherapy. I thought how cool, I should see about donating some earrings to our local cancer center if they would have any.

One other thing that I have been working on for several months, is growing my hair out to donate. My daughter has just donated her hair for the 5th time. This time she donated 14 inches!!!  She has always been known for her beautiful long blonde hair. She first donated her hair when she was about 14. She had been babysitting for a couple of little girls from church, and they were playing with her hair. They asked if she was a princess, because their daddy said that all princess have long hair. This got her to thinking about all those girls who have lost their hair due to various reasons, from cancer to alopecia, etc.  This time her hair is much shorter than it has ever been. She feels like Rapunzel in the new Disney movie, because it is about that short now, and it looks good. She will continue to grow her hair and donate, as long as her hair keeps growing fast. I think she realizes that it won't always grow so fast....just look at me, her mother. Anyway, slowly, I am trying to be able to do the same.

Today, I made a hair appointment, and am thinking that maybe I will have enough to donate. I've been looking at the Pantene website for a few weeks now. My daughter has always had to donate at least ten inches, but Pantene only asks for eight, and I think I am almost there. If not this time, the next time I go in for a trim.

Well, I mentioned earlier about how sometimes things that pop into your head are a bit strange. Thinking about all this cancer stuff, I mean. Just to let you know, my biopsys came out fine, thank goodness! One thing I did find out tonight, is that an old friend of mine was just diagnosed with beast cancer a month ago. She starts chemo tomorrow.  At one time, we were pretty close. Our daughters danced together, and we both took adult tap classes and had a blast! The last time we danced together, was in a recital and I was 6 months pregnant with my youngest (who is almost 17 now). Boy, how I miss that time!  Anyway, my mind will be on my friend. It's been some time since we've talked. Thank goodness for facebook, lol, as that is how we now keep in touch. I feel she will be fine. It will be a long hall, but I have had several friends that have survived cancer, and the doctors tell my friend they can cure her, which is great news. So, Robin, hang in there, you have many people who are rooting for you, and who will be keeping you in their prayers, including me.


  1. I donated to locks of love once, but I never heard zip from them. Did they even get my hair? Did they throw it in the trash when it arrived? I think at least a post card saying they received it would have been nice.

  2. Ashley has always gotten a post card. There is a place to check on the paperwork, if you want them to send you notification. otherwise, it is usually an email. I do feel they should send you a postcard regardless, though.