Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

For Sale

Well, it is official, Bill's last day of work was Friday, and now we have a for sale sign in our front yard. I can't believe we are doing this again. Hopefully this will be the last time!

We had two realtors come in and look over the place and give us an estimate on what we should list our house for. The one I picked is pretty successful. So, I am hoping we have a sold sign out there pretty quick.  Lately, we have had several houses in the neighborhood sell. One of them went before they could even get the sign up. I am hoping to be lucky and get this one sold quickly.

Don't really know how this is going to work, though. Everything has to go just right. You see, several months ago, before we knew we were moving, I booked a cruise with my mom and one of my sisters. It is getting pretty close to sail date. I hope I don't have to ix neigh the cruise. I will be very sad. Hopefully everything will fall into place perfectly.  If we can just get someone in here within the next couple of weeks, and get it sold, then have the move in date be just before Thanksgiving (enough time for them to be in here and settled before the holidays), that would give me time to go on my cruise, spend the following week with my family like I had planned, then come home, get everything ready for the packers and movers, and then be off.

Bill and I already have seen a few houses we like in Kentucky. I have a house hunting trip coming up soon, so hopefully, those houses will still be available, and we can pick one that is best for our family, and move right in. Don't really know how things will come together, but I guess, I just have to hope for the best. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!

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