Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Monday, July 16, 2012

I Need Some Advice

Alright, folks, I need some help. No, not that kind. I need help with my front window. It is a gorgeous window, but there is one big problem. The problem happens every afternoon, about time for me to start dinner. You see our house faces West. Because of this, the sun shines right into this enormous window down the hall and into my kitchen, right where I stand to fix dinner; and boy does it every get HOT!
There are a few other issues with the sun shining into the window; one being the electric bill and the other being, well, whatever pictures/art I hang on the wall, is probably going to fade. Right now, I have some large metal butterflies hanging there, which look fine. Originally, I wanted to hang my large painting I have of the North Carolina coast; but I don't want it fading. So, the butterflies will stay, until I can figure something else out.

Which leads me to you. Do any of you have a suggestion? I have a few ideas, but I would like to see what other's have to say about maybe what they have done with a window like this. 
Not really sure what the previous owners did, since they were pretty much out of the house when we looked. I do know they had some trees on either side of the window, but that really doesn't help the situation with the sun. 

I thought of maybe putting some type of white sheers up to diffuse the light. Then I would just add the things I plan to put up there...large vases. Not sure what the curtains would look like though. Do you know of anyone that has put something like that on windows like these? I still want to be able to see out a little, and have some light in, but not have that glaring sun shining in. 

What to do...what to do...

Hope ya'll can enlighten me on what to do...


  1. We had a window like that and an identical sun problem. We ended up getting a custom pleated widow cover for me -- seems like it was a little expensive but well worth it in the end. Beautiful house!

  2. I also say go with the custom window treatment. You will end up with two. One for the arch and one for below the arch. Personally, I love the fan shaped shade.

  3. what about a vinyl option, like those frosted type ones that you put up with water. You could use that on the arch part at the top and it would diffuse the light, then treat the rectangular portion with the same or different. I always thought it would be fun to have a glass collection across a ledge like this, think old blue pharmacy bottles and the like... Although that wouldn't go with your green but you get the idea

  4. HAHAHA I was thinking now is a good time to sign up for a Stained Glass Class and make an amazing half moon window to fill that spot..

  5. Possibly a reflector coating like you put in cars.Its a mirror on the outside but lets you see out.(I think that is how it works) That way it would cut the sun glare to protect your paintings but still let you see out without covering the window with curtains. Just a thought, Love and hugs Tanya

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  7. The back of our house faces east, which means, the back door, which is full glass, lets that sun in and it is bright and blinding! I put up some window clings to help diffuse the light, at least half way down the door, so that we can see out the bottom half of the door. They are pretty blue skies and clouds... got them at Home Depot or Lowes. It's in a roll and just clings to the window... They have several designs, I think even a stained glass type one... I don't know how it would do energy wise, but at least light wise, it might help diffuse the light a bit and give you some nice decoration... Just looked it up, it's called Window Film - they also have some that tints the window and helps with the heat... You might want to check something like that out... =) (deleted original comment because I meant to say WEST, not east... LOL)

    1. GAH! I changed it in notepad where I wrote it and forgot to copy it and paste it... LOL The back of our house faces WEST... lol Which is why we get the sun into the kitchen like you do... Sorry! LOL