Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Friday, July 13, 2012


We have been soooo busy lately, unpacking boxes, setting up house and taking things to Good Will.  I probably could have had a magnificent garage sale, but I just wanted the stuff out of here...NOW!!! So off to being donated it went. 
In addition to being so busy with the move, I also signed up for the 6th Bead Soup Blog, and boy am I EVER excited. It took me awhile to find my bead stash so I could pick out some stuff for my Bead Soup partner. After taking some time locating it, I sat down with my mom who has been so nice to come and help, and we picked out some pretty beads.
Sometime ago, I ordered a bunch of freshwater pearls. I just love freshwater pearls, especially the colored ones. Not many people like pink, but I do, so I went ahead and shared a strand of these pretty pink freshwater pearls, thinking it could be a little challenging; especially if she isn't into pink.
As I searched through my stash of pendants, I decided to send her this fleur de lis. It is one of my last large ones, and the reason I sent it was because, well, we have been moving from Louisiana, and I decided to send her a bit of Cajun culture. 
I had a challenge as to what clasp to send. I never did find my stash of clasps. Since we moved to a small town, there are NO craft stores around. The closest is about an hour away, so I headed to Wally World (better know as Walmart), and guess what?! They actually have a pretty good selection of beads. Not so much in the clasp area, so I put this one together for her. It's not anything to write home to mom about, but at least it is not just a plain ole lobster clasp. I figured this would look good dangling down the back.
For my birthday, my sister sent me some of these beads. I had a couple left, and thought they would go nicely with the beads, so, in they went.
Now all I needed was some bling. About the same time I ordered the pearls, I had also ordered some colored crystals. I thought these would be the perfect match.
So now that I had all my ingredients together, I put them in a metal container, put some ribbon and a flower on it and sent it off to Shawn Marie Myke-Mills. I sure hope she enjoys her ingredients! I can't wait to see what she creates. Our party will be on August 25, so stay tuned...

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