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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Bluegrass Games Weekend

This past weekend, our youngest was playing soccer in the Bluegrass Games in Lexington, KY. The weather was great; sunny, mid 80's and a little breezy. During the three games my husband and I sat in the sun and enjoyed watching Benjamin play. My husband broke down and got the umbrella out, but not me. I love the sun. Guess who got burned. Nope, not me, him. Yes! My husband got sunburned. Me? Nothing, Notta! I really don't understand. I guess I'm so white, the sun reflects off me and onto him.

Anyway....Saturday, we had an early morning game and an afternoon game. Afterward, we dropped Benjamin back at the motel to be with the rest of the team, and Bill and I went investigating. Lexington is really a beautiful place. Full of horses; after all it is the Horse Capital of the WORLD. I just love horses.
As we drove around, we spotted the Kentucky Horse Park, and decided to drive through. It is a huge place. One of the first things we saw were these beauts. 

After we left this area, we decided to park the car and walk around.
Of course there had to be a statue of Secretariat.
Then we saw a little blurb about the walls that dot the area. We saw them everywhere around the city. They were built by slaves. If you click on the photo, you can read about the history.
Then we came across these horses. I really wanted a horse to come up to us, but these just grazed. Oh well. Off we went...
Isn't it beautiful?
Finally we came upon another group of horses. And guess what!?
One came and paid us a visit.
I was so excited. It even let me pet it a bit. Then it was off to be with the rest of the horses in the pasture.
After we went in a few of the buildings and found they were about to close, we decided it was time to go get something to eat. As we left the park, we met up with these two again. They were scratching each others back. 
Look at all the green horse pastures. I believe the soccer fields the kids played on use to be horse pasture.
Here's some of that wall.
You know that had to be a lot of work!

The next day, we only had one game. It was over just after lunch, so we were able to head out and be home by dinner.
On our way out of Lexington, we came upon this castle. How cool is THAT! It is actually a motel. I'm sure you could be their welcomed guest for a very pretty price.
We all had a nice weekend, but I was glad to get back to my other boys, and Sox.

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