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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Big Piles of Snow

Rexburg, Idaho. BYU-I is there. So are VERY cold temperatures and most of the time, LOTS and LOTS of snow.
This big pile of snow is from a parking lot. In Rexburg, during the winter, you see a lot of these type piles. I remember my first year out there I saw these piles everywhere. In April when the snow melted, there were cars under many of these. That's why I never wanted a car when I was at school there. Too much trouble! My husband told me he had to take his battery in every night or else his car wouldn't start the next morning. Guess that's why there were so many vehicles buried under this mounds of snow...they didn't take their batteries inside at night.


Our son decided he was going to try to climb this gargantuan mound of snow. At first I was a little worried, like maybe it would start a small avalanche, after all, if it was sand, you could risk getting buried if you tried climbing an unstable pile of sand like this. Wouldn't it be the same with snow? My husband and son laughed at me.
After a few tries, I learned he was not going to be able to get to the top...it was too slick.  He had fun trying anyway. I'm sure there will be a lot more fun in more snow that is to come. What wonderful memories I have of this place. Yes, it is a VERY cold place, but Rexburg is a very special place, and I cherish my memories of so long ago.

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