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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Which One?

Next month I am going to be entering one of my jewelry pieces in a contest. I have it narrowed down to three, so I am taking a pole. Which do you think will be the best to put into a state wide Cultural Arts and Heritage contest? I will be putting these under "jewelry."
This first piece is made with a whole lot of buttons. I just used plastic white buttons and wired them with some old colorful telephone wire my dad got while working at the Kennedy Space Center in the early 1970's. 
They were rewiring all the telephone equipment out there, and the wire was being tossed, so my dad asked if he could have some. They told him to take as much as he wanted, and so he did.
I chose this one because it was pretty time consuming and unusual.
The next necklace I am thinking about entering is this one. I won these beads from Elisabeth of Beads For Busy Gals. You can see all the beads by reading my blog about it. I chose this one because it is colorful and very fun to wear.

This last piece I made in the most recent Bead Soup Blog Part Hop.
I got a TON of wonderful beads. I did a bit of wire wrapping on this one, as I have on all the pieces I am considering to enter. This piece not only has beads from my Bead Soup partner, Shawn Marie of Bent Wire Boutique, but also some unusual items; parts of a curtain rod I was not using. I decided to upcycle instead of through it away.
So, what do you think? I've never entered any of my pieces before, and I plan to enter several of them this year. I already have the other pieces chosen for different categories. I am sure after the contest I will be blogging all about it. I chose these pieces because they of their uniqueness.

So, what do you think?
The Winning Beads?
or Bead Soup Upcycle?


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    2. Opse sorry about that...I've deleted the comment here and made a new comment in the right place. Had a migraine that night ... clearly I was not paying attention.
      So back to the question for this post...which one?
      They are all so Cool and different from one another. Which one do you think best represents you?
      My favorite is the Up-cycle. But you mentioned the winning beads is one that you were thinking of submitting...also a good choice all that yummy color. But that recycled telephone wire and buttons....very artsy! So now I'm sure I was no help.

    3. Oh, Terri, you are fine, I seem to be having brain freezes all the time lately ;P. I feel the same way with which one. I think I have decided purely on when I made these. You see, I was to have made my entry in the last two years. The button necklace will be right at two years, so I am going to go ahead and enter that one, since I will not be able to enter it next year. Thanks for reading my blog!

  2. They are all unique in their own right. Tough decision!