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Saturday, January 26, 2013


Yep, that's right another Bead Soup Blog Party is simmering away. It will be my official 4th one, even though I've done 4; one of which was a non participant Bead Soup Blog Party.
Usually, when I do one of these parties, I wait until I meet my Bead Soup partner. This time, I already have it picked out and ready to send. Of course I won't reveal what I am sending until my partner actually gets them.
In the past, I have received some beautiful beads. The purpose of these parties is so we can be challenged. So if you participate, don't be surprised if you get something that you look out and say, "What?" Not only are we to be challenged, we also have made new friends.
When I signed up, many questions were asked. One of which I told her I wanted to be challenged. That is a pretty scary comment, as she could really, really challenge me. 
I hope you stay tuned, and maybe even go visit Lori Anderson's blog. And...if you make jewelry, you might even think about signing up for this next party.

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