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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I am SOOOOO Confused!

Eating eggs is not good for you...they cause high cholesterol. 

Eggs are fine for you to eat, studies show they don't really cause high cholesterol, and eggs are a great source of protein.
Be careful with fats. You really should eat a low fat or fat free diet. 

We should NEVER go totally fat free, because we actually need fats. They are important to a healthy diet because they provide us with all kinds of good stuff; essential fatty acids, for nice soft skin and to deliver fat soluble vitamins. They also give us a wonderful source of fuel for energy. 

We should stay away from sugar. Diet sodas are a good substitute if we want to drink something besides water. 

Diet sodas are horrible for you. Bone loss, kidney damage, and even weight gain are just a few things that diet sodas will cause.

Okay, okay! I think you get where I am going with this blog. From one day to the next, we get all kinds of mixed messages as to what is best to put into our bodies. 

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints, I have learned about The Word of Wisdom (Doctrine and Covenants 89:1-21). I hope you take the time to read this passage. 

Our body is a gift from God. We need to keep our bodies and minds healthy and strong. God gave us a law, a law of health (Word of Wisdom). This was given to Joseph Smith in 1833. In addition to proper eating and physical and spiritual health, God also speaks against the use of tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea and illegal drugs. We are promised wonderful physical and spiritual blessings if we follow the Word of Wisdom. The scientific community promotes many of the same principals found in the Word of Wisdom.

In verse 11 "Every herb in the season thereof, and every fruit in the season thereof..."

Today, when you go to the store, you can pretty much get what ever fruit or vegetable you want. But is this good? Are they in the season? Yes, somewhere they are, but are they in the season where you live? If you suffer from allergies, LOCAL raw honey is best for you. That tells me something right there. LOCAL is the key word. So if local is the best for honey, why shouldn't it be for everything else; and if it is local, then it would need to be in season. Just a thought.

Verse 12 talks of eating meat SPARINGLY. The Lord mentions in verse 13 that it pleases him that meat should not be eaten only during cold or famine. To me, these verses say that it is okay to eat meat, but not too much, like most of us do, but also that we should eat some, in other words maybe not be a vegetarian or vegan. I know this probably steps on a lot of peoples toes, both those of you who eat A LOT of meat, and those who don't eat it at all. There needs to be a happy medium.

Verse 14 mentions that grain is the staff of life...for all animals. I guess grains are important. There again though, I do believe the Lord means in moderation. In recent years, it seems that wheat and corn are in EVERYTHING. This is NOT good. I believe this is why many of us are developing food allergies...because we are eating too much of one thing. Too much gluten, too much corn, too much dairy. Let me ask you this, why does gluten have to be in lotions and shampoos? Why does CORN syrup have to be in EVERYTHING?  

I don't understand why the food industry has to genetically change our foods. Corn is not corn anymore. It looks like corn, but it is not. There are other foods that are not what they look to be anymore. I'm sure you have heard some of our older population talk about how a carrot or tomato does not taste like it use to. Why do you think that is? I really never gave it much thought until I noticed that the vegetables we grow did not produce seeds. Yes, they cannot reproduce themselves. Why? Because they have been genetically altered, so we have to buy seeds every years.

Oh, and one other thing, cows are not suppose to eat corn, they are grass eaters, so why are they being fed corn? Corn is not good for them, and it is not good for us to be eating corn fed cows.

I write this blog just to get you thinking. Why are Americans so over weight? Maybe because of what we put into our bodies. Yes, many of us eat way too much. I think we are eating too much because our brains do not get the message that we are getting the proper nutrients, therefore our brain does not tell us we don't need anymore food. Instead, our bodies store the garbage we eat as fat, and then gives us a signal (hunger) that we need more nutrition, then we eat more. 

Personally, I am not obese. I am overweight and do need to pay more attention to what I am putting into my body. I have made a goal to figure out what MY body needs. My first step was to get me going each day. Since August, I have exercised just about everyday. Now, my next step is to add better nutrition. 

Not all of us are going to be that skinny little size 0. To be honest, that is not healthy for the majority of us. Each of us need to figure out what is healthy for us, and do it. If we do, I believe that we can pretty much get rid of diabetes, heart disease, and many other health issues that plague our society.

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