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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another New Fixture....

Today has been a very busy day. My husband's cousin Ron, who is an electrician, came up for a visit. He also came up to help with a problem I've been having in my kitchen---VERY LITTLE LIGHT, especially over my sink.  We are still in the process of finishing that, so I won't show you yet. One other thing Ron helped us with was changing out our light fixture in the entry.
Remember this very gold fixture? It is a bit on the fancy side for me. At first I had thought about painting it, like I've seen so many have posted on Pinterest, but there was one huge issue. Since it is so high up, my husband had to borrow a very tall ladder. After taking it down, and spending a few days painting the way I wanted and letting it dry, then get back up on the ladder....you see where this is going. I just wanted to take it down and put something else up there in one "ladder" trip.
 My husband was able to borrow a ladder from work
Here's one last look at the old fixture.
 The hardest part was the medallion. At first I wasn't sure I wanted to keep it, but my husband really likes it, so I told them it really didn't matter to me. If they wanted to mess with it, then go ahead.
I tried to help by holding the medallion up with the stick you see in the picture, but I was just too short. I'm glad Ron was able to rig a way that no one had to hold that stick for too long. 
 And here it is!
 I love it!
 We bought this fixture back in July (it was marked WAAAAAAY down) and it has taken us this long to finally get it up.

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