Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A couple days ago, I was asked to substitute in Primary. The age group were the Sunbeans; three and four year olds. The lesson was, I AM THANKFUL FOR TREES, PLANTS AND FLOWERS. 
When I looked at the preparation I needed, it mentioned to obtain pictures of local flowers and trees. I moved in toward the end of summer, and most of the pictures I have of local vegetation are from this past fall and winter. It's been on the gloomy side lately too, so I decided to just display this picture I have of my youngest son at the bayou close to where we lived in Louisiana. It has lots of trees, and is very pretty; at least I think it is. The children thought so too. It was a nice picture to lead into our lesson. 
Our photography club has an ongoing challenge. Take a picture everyday and post on their Facebook. Each month has a theme. The theme for March is, Landscapes. The past couple of days I have taken snowy landscape pictures, as we have had a little more than a dusting the first two days of March. Today, although it is very cold in my book, is very sunny and bright. After I got back from church and had a little to eat, I decided to head out in my backyard and take some landscape pictures. 
I am thankful for the trees, flowers, and plants. I have always thought Kentucky was one of the prettiest states. Even in the dead of winter when all the trees are naked, it is still a gorgeous place. I bet it is really pretty in the Spring, and I look forward to photographing that event in the weeks ahead.

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