Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Sunday, March 24, 2013

thank you for helping me!!!!

Yesterday, I told you all about how busy we were putting our new light fixtures up, and how I needed help with a decision. Well, most of you did not post your comment on my blog, but you did facebook me your responses, and.....
By a HUGE majority, the red won!
Light tan came in second.

Now to show you how we went about getting these pendants up. 
For the most part I love my kitchen, that is except there was ZERO light above the sink. It was very hard to see to wash dishes, especially at night. Whoever designed this obviously never did dishes. 
 After a lot of looking at pictures on the internet and looking around at Lowes, we finally figured out what to do. First off we had to take down one of the cabinets.
A hole was drilled into the bottom of the soffit, and in the ceiling where the light was to hang.
Then back the cabinet went,
and wiring was done.
The hard part was trying to decided which light.  Did I want everything to match, or did I want a pop of color? Not sure what I wanted, I asked around, and by far the majority said they liked the pop of color.
I love it!
I would like to thank all of you that helped me in making my decision.


  1. My...That was some job ...and well done. I vote for the red too. It really looks very attractive now and you know -some people say red is a good color for kitchen. It increases appetite( well that can be a red flag for me...but may be not for most people.) Enjoy your new kitchen.

    1. lol, I love my red, but don't need to increase appetite.

  2. Great choice and the red looks fab! Sorry about the bad link on my blog. Not sure what happened, but it's fixed now, and hope that you will give the recipe a try. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great lights! I like the red ones also.

    I’m part of the bead soup party. Looking forward to the reveals. I'm now following you. I have a new blog. Please consider following my jewelry blog. Thanks.

    1. thank you for following me! I am so looking forward to the reveals. I've been out of town and away from a computer for the last week, so I will be looking at all the stuff this next week.