Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Saturday, March 23, 2013

okay...so now I need some help...

Which do you like best?
 Red with light off
Red with light on (doesn't look as bright in the picture as in real life)


 Square dark brown with light off
Square dark brown with light on.
Again, not as vibrant in the picture as in real life.

 Light tan with light off
Light tan with light on.
Again, not as bright...well you know...
We have granite counters with cherry cabinets. The cabinets are a wee bit darker than they appear in the picture.
This is a picture that hangs in our kitchen.
This fixture hangs over our kitchen table. If you can't tell in the picture it is black.
Decisions, decisions...
Which do you think look best in my kitchen?


  1. It's difficult to be sure from photos, but the light tan seems to fit in best with the rest of your decor. But they must all look nice or you wouldn't be having such a hard time to decide!

    1. You are right! The pictures don't really help much. Thanks for your comment.