Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Monday, March 4, 2013


I can remember when I was young---being very frustrated with my parents. They never let me do anything. Well, at least that is what it seemed. 
Now that I am a parent, I can see where they were coming from. I thought they were just being mean, and really didn't care. But now I know. They loved me and wanted the best for me.
I really don't think one will ever know where parents are coming from until one becomes a parent. I don't think you really know how much your parents love you until you become a parent yourself.
As a mother, I feel sometimes I have been guided by my feelings. I don't know to explain it, but there have been many times that I have felt that one of my kids should or should not do certain things. Sometimes, my feelings were validated, other times they were not. I don't feel that just because they were not, that I was not guided. On the contrary, I feel that if I had not pushed for that one thing to happen (or not), that I would found out why; and that could have ended in disaster. Does that make sense? I hope so. 
I feel mothers have that certain sense (and fathers do to). There have been times when my children had not listen to our counsel as parents, and things did not work out too well for them; and it has sickened me. I hate that feeling. As a family, we have been very lucky, so far, that nothing too horrible has happened. I pray that we are continually blessed when it comes to that.
I'm not sure my children realize it, but I love them very dearly. So much in fact, that I would give my life for them. They are my life, and I hope they know that they can come to me about anything. I do mean ANYTHING! I will try my best to understand. As parents, we will try our best to be there for them...through anything.

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