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Friday, April 5, 2013

foto friday

This past month (March) our photography club's theme for Take A Picture Everyday For A Year, was.....


Here are the pictures I took this month. March started out like lion with snow the first couple of days, and went out as a lamb...still cold, but with some of our trees already blooming. 
March 1
March 2
March 3
The first three pictures were taken of our backyard; in fact most of the pictures I took were of our backyard.
March 4
A friend and I went out to the park one day, and I took a bunch of really pretty pictures. It was hard to choose which one, but I finally chose this one of the tree trees by the lake.
March 5
The next day it snowed again! This year our area got more snow in just the first few months than it did the whole last year. Crazy!
March 5
You will see that I doubled up on some days, because I was not able to get out every day for a picture.
March 6
March 7
This picture of the black birds in the tree was a popular one. A lady from our photography group liked it so much that she bought a print of it. My first photography print sale!
March 8
One early morning I got up to let our dog out to potty, and I saw this gorgeous sight. The sun was just beginning to peak out and the moon was above the trees.
March 9
My husband and I took a stroll at the park and, again, I had some really nice shots. I like this one of the man fishing.
March 10
The next morning, another beautiful sunrise.
March 15
As you can see, I skipped almost a whole week. Not sure what happened, probably life. The picture above was taken close to Waverly, Tennessee. I'd been looking for an old building all month, and finally was able to find this old place.
March 16
While in Waverly, we went to visit my father in laws grave and I was able to take this shot of the bull, it's like he posed for me.
March 17
Back at home, I took this. Not all that great, but it was one of those crazy rainy days, and I was not going to get out there with my camera.
March 18
After all the rain we got the day before, the clouds hung around for a couple of days. It allowed me to get this shot of all the beautiful colors.
March 21
March 22
March 24
Finally, the buds are beginning to come out!
March 25
Then came some more snow. The day I had to leave to travel to my doctor in Louisville, KY...about three hours away. Most of you think, no biggy, but I am a deep south girl. Not use to driving in ANY snow. I called to find out the weather, and it seemed that Southern Kentucky got more snow than the north, so off we went. Glad I went because not only was I able to find out about my rash, but I got some really pretty pictures, one of which one first place in our monthly photography club contest!
March 26
My mother in law came with me, and we stayed with her cousin. He lived really close to the train tracks. I was able to get a few pictures of train stuff. I was glad, because this was something I wanted to get for this month.
March 26
Here's the train speeding through the night.
March 27
And here is one I took of us while going over the tracks. Not too bad for a picture taken from a moving car...

The Louisville area has some really nice parks. Cousin Bill took us around to see some of them while we were there. 
March 28
The picture above is the one that won first place in our contest. I think it was the oar by the lake that gave it the right touch.
March 28 
March 28
March 28
I know, there are a lot of March 28, but I was trying to make up for the week I had not done. Besides, there were so many nice things to take pictures of...I took over 130 in just one day. Yep, you could say I went just a little crazy!!!

The next picture, I took in Waverly. After our stay in Louisville, we met my husband down in Tennessee---turkey season had started. On our way back home, my husband took me by this old place. He knew I was looking for something like this and thought it would make a great picture. He was right!
March 30
March 31
The last day of March, Easter Sunday, was a very nice day. It was a bit on the chilly side, but the sun was out and I noticed that there were more blooms on our tree at the side of our house. The tree is just right out some of our windows, and I love looking at them while sitting down to eat at our dining room table, or on the couch watching TV.  Even though March was still a little dreary looking, I think I was able to get some nice shots. I am really looking forward to next month. April's them is WATER. Since I will be spending a lot of April down in Florida and some of it on a cruise, I'm sure there will be a lot of opportunity to get a few good shots.  Too bad my son has to stay back and take care of the house...I'm sure he would enjoy coming too. Oh well....maybe next time!

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