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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Laundry Day

Today, I get to do one of my most favorite things...Laundry!!! Just kidding! Actually, I hate to do laundry, but it is a necessary evil. I will have to say, lately, it has been a lot easier than when I had four children at home with all their dirty clothes.

Remember my new washer and dryer? Just got them when we first moved. They are pretty nice. We got the low end; I really don't like a bunch of bells and whistles on my appliances, but these days, one does not have much of a choice. When I start up these boogers  I feel like I am getting ready to play a video game. The sound cracks me up...."tadada DA TA da.......CHARGE!!!!!" Crazy!

Well, back to the topic at hand...laundry. Specifically, detergent and dryer sheets. I'm glad I don't have to change my laundry soap, as I was already using something that is fragrance free, and all that other stuff I can't have free. 
As far as dryer sheets, I just use whatever is on sale. I really need to use them, because I am a very "electrifying" person. You see, it seems like everything I put on (including 100% cotton) has a lot of static. One thing I did not realize, is that dryer sheets are very toxic! I hear that are bad from your dryer too. You can go to Thank Your Body and read up on it there. 

So, what is a girl to do? I was talking to my daughter about this, and she told me she just throws her clothes in the dryer and then sprays vinegar on them, and then drys them as normal. Well....that is what I did. I filled up a spray bottle, sprayed about 15 or so sprays onto my clothes in the dryer, and turned it on....

The result?

I was a little skeptical; wasn't sure that my clothes would come out smelling like vinegar. The first load I tried this with was a load of very static prone articles. They came out with ZERO static electricity, and ZERO smell!!!! Everything was nice and soft, including a few small towels I had in that load.

The second load was full of towels and sheets. Again, no scent of vinegar, AND!!!! the towels and sheets are soft! Looks like this is going to be a great alternative to dryer sheets. Not only will I be eliminating things I am allergic to and toxins, I will also be saving a lot of money! Vinegar is much less expensive than those pricey dryer sheets. Try it....ya never know; you might be converted, I know I am....

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  1. I did not know this & I use white vinegar mixed with water to do most of my cleaning. I will have to try it.