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Monday, August 19, 2013

I Love Dance!!!

When I was about three years old, we only had one car, therefore, Mom had no transportation to go anywhere. We were living in the Los Angeles, California area at the time. My mom wanted me to get involved in something, and decided dance would be a good choice, especially since there was a studio that would come and pick their students up.  The name of the studio was Linker-Totten Dance Studio.  Named for Art Linkletter who bought the Totten Dance studio in the area.
This is a picture of my first dance recital; I was almost four at the time. It was a tap number to "The Ice Cream Man." That's me, forth from the left, with all those curls, looking at something, probably backstage.  I actually remember this. I had a green party dress on...green being my favorite color at the time.

Funny story....One morning, my mom was behind schedule,and was trying to french braid my hair, when the van came to pick me up for dance lessons. Mom had one braid done, but no time to finish the second, so she just wrapped the other side into a ponytail and I was on my way...one side of my hair french braided, the other side in a ponytail.

At the time, my mom was pregnant with my sister; about six weeks after she was born, we moved to Ft Worth, Texas. Mom put me into dance again. I am so glad she did. I remember that recital too. I was in ballet and tap at the time, and the tap number was to..."I'm A Flirt!" I can remember the song to this day..."I'm a flirt, I'm a flirt, I'm a flirty with a roving eye....I'm a scamp, I'm a vamp, and I go for a handsome guy....., Hey big daddy! Your gal's a piparoo. I'm a flirt, I'm a flirt, I'm a real big flirty, and I've got my eye one you! I don't mean Franky, I've got my eye on you, I don't mean Elvis. I've got my eye on YOU! DAD! Poopsy DO!!! yaaaaaaa... Korny but cute. By the way...Franky is Frank Sinatra, and Elvis, is Elvis Presley, yep, I'm dating myself.

Anyway, fast forward...
During my college years, I was on various dance teams, and even got to tour a bit.  That was fun! 
After I finished college, I got married, and we had three boys, and one girl. Our little girl is now a dancer. She has always loved to dance, and I am so glad she has been able to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Dance, and now shares her talent by choreographing, teaching and performing.
I enjoyed taking her to her classes, performances and competitions, and even was able to keep my dance skills a little up to par. Yes that's me on the right, six months pregnant with our youngest.
Sometimes, I miss all those hectic competitions.
Before she headed off to college, we were able to go to Virginia Beach for one last dance competition...we had a BLAST!
During college, our daughter kinda followed in my steps. She was a member of The Brigham Young University Folk Dancers (as I was), and also danced with the DancEnsemble there (I danced with a similar type company at Rick's College, now Brigham Young University, Idaho). 
Now, my little girl is all grown up and doing the thing she loves the most...dancing, choreographing, and teaching yoga...
I am so happy to share the same love of dance as my daughter does. I also love watching her perform!

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