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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Suite Cross N' Fold Sea Plaid

As an independent consultant for Thirty One Gifts, we have the opportunity to get in on some good deals before they introduce new products. A few weeks ago, we were able to see the line of new purses that have just come out. Thirty One also gave us the opportunity to purchase a couple of the bags at a very discounted price so we could have them to try out and then show off during Thirty One's very good sale for the month of August.
I chose the Suite Cross N' Fold in Sea Plaid design, because I like the colors and the style; I love how it folds over. It has two straps, One is long and adjustable for the cross body style, and is also easily removable.

This purse has a large pocket with a snap on the front.

The inside is somewhat roomy. I carry my wallet, a small camera, a good size calendar, and my sunglasses in their case (which is quite large) and it all fit...snugly, but it did fit. 
The zipper inside pocket is quite roomy! As you can see I have my hand sanitizer, flashlight, lipstick, emery board, chap stick  and several pens, and still have a lot of room to spare.
There is another small pocket that is perfect for your cell phone.

This is just one of many new purses that have just come out. For the month of August 2013, if you purchase $35 of anything in the catalog, you can get any purse for 50% off! Thirty One has come out with new wallets too. You could purchase a wallet and key fob for around $35, and get one of the many amazing bags for 1/2 off. 

Check out my website at mythirtyone.com/TerryJeanetteCarter to view the catalog and purchase. You can also go to my facebook at Wonderful World of Bags, etc... or contact me through my website above or at wonderfulworldofbags@yahoo.com

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