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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oils and Rashes

This looks much worse than what it is. No I did not break a bone, this thing is on my leg so I won't scratch it. You see, I have this rash...I've had it for over ten years. I've been to numerous dermatologist, and other doctors including a allergist three hours away. He is one of three in the nation that performs the testing I underwent back in March.


Well, anyway, my rash is STILL there, even after I no longer use shower gels, and a lot of the stuff I am suppose to be allergic to. I went back to the local dermatologist the other day, and she told me the reason it is so bad it because I scratch it. I told her I can't help what I do in my sleep. She then slapped this red succor on my leg, and I'm suppose to leave it on until Monday. No swimming, no shower :P

The reason I went, is because I started doing some research, and thought maybe I came across as to what my rash was. In addition to my rash, I've been having other symptoms pop up. They started popping up about two weeks after I got out of the hospital with my ruptured appendix. I thought at first I just had become sore from laying in weird positions in the bed while in the hospital, but after they didn't go away, I started to question all this. 

All my doctor said is that it's just a rash, and that's all it is. As far as all your pain goes, well, not much I can do about it. She has now referred me to rheumatologist. I go in November. 

So, in the mean time, I think I might try some essential oils on my leg. I hear Roman Chamomile and Lavender are the best.

I can't wait to get Big Red off my leg and take a nice long shower and then put these oils on! Have any of you had success with oils and rashes? Or anything else with oils for that matter...?

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