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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bracelets From Old Guitar Strings

A while back I started making jewelry from something a little different. Here are a few necklaces I made with guitar strings.
At dulcimer practice the other day, I had someone ask me to make her a bracelet from guitar strings, so....
Guess what I've been doing this weekend?
This one is made from old red telephone wire and hematite beads.
This bracelet is made from a whole set of guitar strings.
Old phone wire with an elephant charm flanked by hematite beads.
Here, we have three bracelets attached by abalone charms. The yellow wire is old phone wire.
 I made one with green phone wire, and kept the end on the string. That's the part that is wrapped when tuning.  I also made a bracelet using blue phone wire (on the left)...
and one that is patriotic, again, keeping the curliness of the part of the string that is wrapped around the tuner.
At the bottom you see one that I added glass pearls to with black wire. I made a very simple bracelet using copper and black wire.
Finally, I made this one with glass beads and different colored wire. It was fun being creative. 
As you probably remember, I made this fun bracelet several weeks ago using sari ribbon and lace wrapped around an old string. I love creating. I'll probably make some more, but since I spent the whole weekend making jewelry, I let the house get away from me, so I will be doing some laundry and cleaning tomorrow....

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