Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Monday, July 14, 2014

Dear Realtor Who Shows My House....

It has been eight months since we first put our house on the market. I know not many are moving to this nice little town in Western Kentucky, but there are a few. To those who are looking to buy a house, why not sell them our house?
When you bring people into my house and they ask why we have a pool table, tell them maybe because we like to play pool, but you don't have to put a pool table in this room. I know because of HGTV, many have ZERO vision. You have to help them "see" their stuff in this house. No, I don't have a sectional, but guess what! One will fit perfectly in the living room.
I will be the first to admit, this house needs new carpet. BUT, the carpet in the family room is new. There is not a lot of carpet in the house, just in three of the four bedrooms and on the stairs. You know...I bet we might could negotiate a flooring allowance! Then they can put whatever flooring they want...carpet? hardwood? whatever THEY want.

I know our house was built in the 1990's, but so were 99% of the houses in this town. You say our house is dated? Hmmm...not sure what you might be referring to. We have granite counter tops, hardwood floors, and updated light fixtures, new sinks, fancy mirros, etc. Oh, maybe it's the light fixture over the dining room table. Ya...we've only been in this house two yeas, and we never got to that. You can find a nice one at Lowe's for under $100! 
Speaking of the dining room...we took down the wallpaper and painted. Oh! and there is fresh paint in the two story entry, and the living room, and the kitchen. 
Someone mentioned they are worried about the age of the air-conditioner? Well, it's still under warranty, so, ya, they are not all that old. 
Hmmm...is there anything else? I know you mentioned you did not like our pictures, well, they are all gone. There are mostly bare walls now. 
Oh! and one other thing....yes, we are ready to move. Just because our furniture is still in the house does NOT mean, we don't want to move. You see, we can't afford TWO house notes. We don't have any place to go, so that is why our furniture is still there.
So, come have a look. It's a nice home. Everyone one on the block is shocked it has not gone. But of course since no one comes to look, you can't really judge. I know...you saw the pictures on the internet. You, know, you can't really tell much by pictures. I know, I've bought a lot of houses in my day. I usually sell the houses pretty quickly, but since we have HGTV they tell us that we all have to have PERFECT houses (by the way there is no such of a thing, even if you build), and the internet that we can go to and "see" the inside of the house, we feel we don't really need to look. 
By the way, if you make an offer on this house, you might be surprised that you might get it for a good price. But of course, we can't give it away...

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