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Monday, December 8, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness

During this time of year (Christmas), we all seem to want to do nice things for people. For the most part, everyone seems a little happier.

The other day, on our way back from Thanksgiving break in Tennessee, my husband and I stopped at Taco Bell for lunch. We got our stuff and sat down. I noticed there was a group of ladies across from us. It looked as if it was probably sisters, mom, and grandma, and one small child. I watched them because they looked so happy, enjoying each other's company. Kinda reminded me of my sisters, our mom and me when we get together. 

Pretty soon, the group got up and started collecting their items in preparation to leave. The grandmother of the group scooted her chair in and turned around and our eyes met. I was a little embarrassed that she caught me staring, but I was really enjoying watching this group and noticing the love they had for each other. As the lady looked at me I smiled and she smiled back. Then  she said to my husband and I...."Merry Christmas, and have a blessed day!" She truly meant what she said.

That really made my day, and in fact, that nice feeling has lasted more than a week. 

I noticed on facebook today, that a company is having service giveaway. It's a great idea, but when I first read this, I was thinking of some big grandiose thing. But then I remembered the feeling I got when this nice lady smiled and made a simple comment to me. That is true service...being genuinely nice to all you come in contact with. Even those who maybe a little rude. I have actually seen rude people who had a nice person come up to them and were able to change that negative attitude into more positive one. 

So, not just this Christmas Season, but everyday, why don't we try to make this world a better place by putting on a happy face, sharing a smile and some pleasant words to each other.

Have a BLESSED day....:)

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