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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sold! Now What!?

Now that we FINALLY sold our house, we are looking at what is available here. We lost a LOT of $$ on this sale, and are having a very difficult time finding one. Everything is so pricey here in Monroe. A large company has moved all their employees here (800 more are coming in the Spring), and so everyone has put their houses on the market for way too much!
For example...our house we had in this area just three years ago (the living/dining area is pictured above) is now on the market for $100,000 more than what we sold it for. UNbelievable!

A lot of the houses in this area are very old; like 40 to 50 years, and have not been updated....EVER! I have looked at so many homes lately, that my head is spinning, and ALL of them need sooooo much work, that it isn't even funny, and the prices? These people are CRAZY. 

We even looked into building...HA! Building the traditional way is out of the question. So...we are looking at modular homes. We were not too keen on the idea, but we decided to go look yesterday, and boy were we surprised! Now some of them look like trailers, and that is not what I am talking about. The one we actually like is brick and siding, has a wrap around porch, and is very nice. I guess the only difference between a modular home and a "stick" home, as they call it, is where they are built. Modular homes are actually more "green" and are built inside, out of the elements, so they can get it done in about three weeks, and then ship it to your already prepared property (which they do during those three weeks). Then they work on the inside, and within about 6 weeks (give or take), you are in your home.

We still have some research to do, and I still have a few more homes to look at. There will be more that come on the market, but we need to decid what we are doing, and QUICK!

We have to be out of our house in Kentucky by January 15, and our daughter is due to have our first grandchild on Dec 29 (which of course she will probably be late). I will be doing the "grandma thing" when we have to move, so my dear husband (poor guy) will have to take off work and head up to Kentucky to do it all. 

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