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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Finally, Some Soccer!

We have three boys and one girl. Our girl was always involved in dance. Our boys, well, they had their individual interests, but they did share one interest, and that was and still is soccer.
We first got involved with soccer when we lived in North Carolina. Miles was just six years old. He was by far the smallest on the team. You see, at the time, everyone (except us) held their kids back so they could play sports longer. Instead of an age cut off, they used the grade the child was in as the cut off. So, most of the kids Miles played with were at least a year or so older. Since Miles has a July birthday, he was younger anyway, but then when you start holding kids back, all of the sudden some are almost two years older, and that usually is a big difference in size at that age; but because of that, he usually hung back. Anyway, that is a whole other subject. Back to soccer....

I can remember being at the soccer fields and trying to position myself so that I could view three soccer games that were going on at the same time. Forever all our boys were on different teams. I especially loved the year my husband coached. He coached Miles' team. That was a lot of fun!

When we moved to Indiana, soccer was played in the fall and spring, and many times it was very cold! Nothing like sitting on a wet lawn with temperatures in the 30's or lower, brrrrrrr!

When Miles started attending high school (9th grade), he played varsity. Their team really wasn't all that good, but he enjoyed playing, and he didn't hang back like when he first started playing the game.

I'll have to say, my favorite season to watch any of my boys play, was our last year in Indiana. Scott and Benjamin were on the same team; and they were GOOD! Not only were they good players, but so was the rest of the team. That was a great year!

Then we moved to Louisiana. Soccer? What's that? Are  you kidding me? No soccer? Well, that went over like a lead balloon! Everyone kept telling me that Louisiana was big into football. Well, my answer to that was, so is every place else we lived. Really, so Indiana was not into their Colts? PLA-EEESE! Actually, I found out that they tried to get soccer into the school. The year before we moved there, the kids had put together a petition full of signatures to get soccer into the school.  Long story short....the principal called a meeting and didn't tell anyone. Guess what? No one showed up, and therefore he said there was no interest. Basically, he didn't want soccer. Well, last year was his last, as he retired; and guess what? From what I hear they are getting a soccer team up.  Oh well!

I am really sad that Scott was not able to play high school soccer. He tried to play community soccer, but they were gone every weekend down to South Louisiana. That would mean travel, 3 days in a motel (every weekend for several months), and playing every Sunday. We really didn't see us being able to afford that, not to mention playing on Sunday. I believe the forth commandment says to keep the Sabbath day holy.

Well, Scott did play some the first year (local games), that is until he tore his meniscus. That not only put him out of soccer, but also out of baseball. He was not a happy camper. Then the next year, he decided to just play baseball. His knee started to bother him. We took him to the doctor, and they had to go back in a re-repair his injury. He pretty much had to say good-bye to sports for long while. This has really been hard on him, as he is our baby who always had a ball in his hand. It's been about four years since he first injured himself, and he plays tennis, and a few pick up soccer games now and then.

Well, now we are in Kentucky. Benjamin is starting his last and final year of high school. A Senior. I can't believe my baby is a Senior! His new school has a soccer team and he is able to play varsity! At least we hope so. Paper work is still in the progress to prove he was not recruited. Seriously? Right! I'm sure this school recruited a 17 year old who has not played organized soccer in five years. Anyway....hopefully, they will get things taken care of before their first game on Thursday.

So, wish us luck this season. Luck that Benjamin can start playing the first game. Luck that the team will all be healthy; no injuries. Luck that they will win some games. Heck....luck that they can go to state!


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