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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Party 5 Non-participant

In an earlier blog, I mentioned the The 5th Blog Soup Blog Party. I have been involved in the last two and had a great time. Because it has gotten so HUGE, Lori has decided to randomly pick who would be involved. Naturally, I was not chosen. But that's ok. Maybe next time.

Lori suggested we go ahead and sorta be involved. In other words, go through your stash and make something, post, and then attend the blog hop on March 3. Leave messages, then, you should have visitors from the blog party. 

I have decided to do just that. Funny thing is some time ago, I won some beads.  Elisabeth of Beads for Busy Gals drew my name, and I as able to get these wonderful beads:

I as a bit overwhelmed, as there is so much you could do with these. Should I split them up and make TEN necklaces, or combine all of them, or combine a few for several different items.

The sad thing was, I just had hand surgery, and was unable to do anything. So they sat. As soon as I was able to start creating, I went out of town. I was home for a few days, and then gone again.

In addition to all this going on, our house has been on the market since September. It's kinda hard for me to get anything out, because as soon as I do, RIIINNNGGGG!!!! The phone, and it's someone wanting to see the house...soon....like in an hour! So I've quit getting anything out.

When I found out that I was not going to be involved with the BSBP#5, I thought, I could just use these beads from Elisabeth. I went to see my daughter last week, and during the 4 hour trip there and 4 hours back, I had a lot to think about (I went by myself). One of the things I thought about was what I could do with the beads. The very next day after I got back, I got all my stuff out, and just started to pull out beads. Soon, I had things that would go very nicely with what Elisabeth sent. (And no the phone did not ring).

Within just a few hours, I had a couple of pieces made. Everything went together so smoothly. I may add one more thing to one of the pieces, but pretty much everything is done. WOW! I even made my own clasp, I can't wait to show off my pieces! So stayed tuned for the 5th Bead Soup Blog Party on March 3.


  1. I am SO SORRY about the party. I don't like how it worked out this time and next time everyone can participate -- the "party" times will just be staggered.

    I'm glad you made things!

    1. I totally understand, Lori, and I know you feel bad, but don't. We each need to take our turn.

  2. I am so happy that you are getting a chance to play with what I sent - it really, really made my day!

  3. I love how you thought to use your winning stash as your own mini soup. Looking forward to your reveal!

  4. Rock on!. You'll have to post this on FB on reveal date.