Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I have been able to participate in the Blog Soup Bead Party twice, and signed up for my third one a few months ago. Since the bead party has gotten so popular, everyone wanted to do it, so there was a lottery. Needless to say, I did not get chosen, this time, which is fine, as I do have a lot of my jewelry stuff in storage until we move. 

Lori Anderson is the creator of this party, and she has done a tremendous job, to say the least. Next BSBP, Lori has a plan that will allow everyone who wants to be involved the opportunity.

Lori did suggest, for those of us who were not selected to go ahead and be involved on the side. Some got together and swapped on their own. I had something else in mind. Remember all those nice beads I won a little while back from Elisabeth of Beads for Busy Gals? Well, that is what I used for my own Bead Soup.
At first, I had no idea what to do. Should I make ten different necklaces? Should I make one? I decided to make two, and I had one thing left over. I think I might make something more masculine with that.
This is what I dug up out of my stash to go with. Copper wire, copper colored chain, shells, tiger eye beads, clear crystals, glass beads with copper sparkles, and copper fresh water pearls.

But anyway....
here is the BIG reveal...
I call it Elisabeth 
First let me introduce you to the first piece.
I really liked this fishy bead. I took some copper wire and did some wire wrapping, added some small shells, tiger eye beads, clear crystals, and freshwater pearls, and hung it off some copper chain.
I made the clasp--my first try at this. 
At first I was kinda disappointed, as the necklace is longer than I like. I am pretty small around the neckline and usually like the 15 to 16" length, but I have grown to really like this piece, and have found it around my neck a number of times.
Now for the second piece.
I used all the rest of the things Elisabeth sent me (except one thing)

I wanted something totally different from what I normally do. So I added some lace. I love lace, and I also loved this blue bead. 
Then there was this one...

And this one

And then this one...

And another one...

And another one...

Doesn't this one look nice with the copper?
And here's another one...

It doesn't show very well here, but this one is rose quartz...very light pink.
One more...

I'm really not sure which one I like best. They all look real nice together.

I have worn these necklaces individually, but they don't look too bad together.
sorry about the bad background...storms today...not good for photgraphing
They are bit heavy, wearing them altogether.
Well, I hope you enjoy, and if you want to see the real Bead Soup Blog Party, just hop on over and enjoy. Click here to get to Lori's page, she will have a list of all the real participants. There's over 200, so you might want to take a few days to enjoy all the talent.


  1. AWESOME PROJECTS!!! I love how you used all the bead in one necklace to make a truly eclectic piece! Fab!

  2. Oh WOW!!! You did a great job of challenging yourself...and then MEETing that challenge! That first piece would be worn all the time, if it lived at my house! LOL!!!

    Really - what a beautiful couple of necklaces you did here! :)


  3. I love what you did with the assortment of beads you started out with. I made my first asymmetrical piece for the bead soup blog party and I think I will be making more in that style.

  4. Wow! Amazing jewelry. Congrats! Kisses from Maria Hungary!

  5. love them together.. every necklace needs a companion necklace

  6. that's great- I never would have thought of combining all of those together in one piece, but it works!

  7. They are both really pretty and Do work so well together! I hope you enjoy wearing them :) x

  8. I love how you were motivated to participate! I like your designs very much. Very summery.

  9. Amazing!!! Love the mix necklace the most. You made it and it looks Amazing :-)

  10. so lovely and integrated....the colors shine!

  11. Oh how pretty! Love how you used the seashells on the first necklace. Love the flow of the 2nd necklace! Great job! :)

  12. Love both pieces. One quiet but very charming. The other eclectic and totally funky.

  13. You did a lovely job with all the elements, I would wear them all together! I hope you join the party this summer.

  14. I like how you made "chain" with the beads. Such great density and texture.

  15. You did a great job! I love the way you ventured new things and it went perfectly attractive. You are right, they together look very pretty too. I hope everything worked out at the end some how about this blog hop. Take care. Dita.

  16. I like them both - separately and together too! The whole mix of stones, beads, ceramics, chain, lace and wire is coming together beautifully - great work.

  17. How lovely... The first piece is really cool, the second is my favourite because it's really whimsical... :)

  18. I love how you arranged the beads, great job!
    ciao dall'Italia

  19. I like that fishy bead too! The necklace came out lovely!
    I think all the beads look great together on the 2nd necklace - I would not have thought of putting them together - great job!

  20. Wonderful necklaces and they do go well together. Nice job!

  21. Lovely! I absolutely loved the one with the lace. Very cute :)

  22. What a great idea! Make your own party & I love what you did with all !the beads. Nice job