Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Friday, June 14, 2013

A Visit From Mr. Hulk

I went to yoga for the first time since I got out of the hospital two months ago. Boy, did I ever miss it. 

When I first got there, we were getting our mats out and everything ready for class. As we were doing all this we had an interesting visitor...the Hulk! No not really, but if you painted his skin green, he sure could pass for the Hulk.
So, Mr Hulk stood at the door for a few seconds. You could tell he was wanting the room. Finally he asked if there was a class. We told him yes, that there was a yoga class starting soon and that he was welcome to stay. He looked at us pretty funny and said that's fine, that he needed to work on his abs. My friend told him we worked on abs and he should stay. He left, and I didn't see it but I'm sure he left rolling his eyes.

I'm not sure people realize how good yoga is for you. It is not an easy class. Yoga is good for everyone, young, old, people who are into athletics big time, and those just starting to move.  Yoga is one of those classes that is for YOU. It is YOUR practice, not the person beside you, not your teacher, but YOU. As you progress in your practice, you will see improvement in your own class and lifestyle.

My daughter is a yoga instructor and has actually taught athletes at their local university. I commend these coaches who see the benefit of yoga in their sport. Mr Hulk could not see that. All he saw was a bunch of old ladies sitting on the floor do a light workout. I would love to see him come in and try. I do believe that after our workout today, he would have a very different opinion of yoga, and if he did not come back, it wasn't because it was easy...it was because he found it more difficult than he thought.

Just like the lady at our club that runs marathons. We have tried to get her to come workout in the pool and swim laps. She told us that you can't get a workout in the water, that running was much more of a work out than swimming. Well, I would like to see her come and prove that. I'm sure she would have a change of mind.  I've known people who had the same attitude toward swimming laps, and when they came and tried, they were out of the pool by about lap five.


  1. I think swimming gives you a wonderful work out.. I would die running.. LOL

    1. Me too! My plantar fasciitis can't handle the running.

  2. The same goes for ballet. When I was taking ballet in college, we had a football player take the class. He originally did it to meet women (he was a massive "player"), but once he started actually doing it, he admitted to me that it had made a big difference with his football ability. He was trying to get others from the team to start taking the class, but they did not believe him.