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Friday, June 28, 2013

Another Garage Sale Find

A few weeks ago, we did some yard work in the back.  At first everything seemed, well, a little wimpy. Things have come along pretty nicely lately and the flowers and veggies are filling in beautifully.
We have a pretty nice area in the back, but no tables. I had a bench, and four chairs. I bought cushions for them, and it sure made things look a lot more....homey.
I've been wanting a table and chair set so we could actually eat out there without getting the plastic fold up tables out. Yesterday, as we were turning onto our street from a trip to Evansville, we noticed a garage sale sign. It was 9:30 at night, so we assumed it was for the next morning. I jokingly mentioned I should go check to see if they have any outdoor furniture. You see, I have been scooping out garage sales for YEARS trying to find a table. I do not want to buy a new table for what they are asking....at Walmart, a cheap outdoor table runs almost $200, and I don't even really like it that much. If I'm going to spend that kind of money on something, I want to like it.

Well anyway, this morning, I got up early and decided to head to the pool early before my water walking class and get in my mile swim. As I was backing out the driveway, the traffic was horrendous! We live on a quiet street and I couldn't figure out what was going on...then I remembered...THE GARAGE SALE!!!  So I turned toward the sale, and boy, was I surprised! They had oodles of outdoor furniture! First I saw a teak table with four chairs, then I saw the table of my dreams! A black wrought iron table! That was it, then they told me it had four chains. hmmm...I've been wanting a bistro table set to put by our fountain.  Decisions, Decisions...

As I was contemplating what I should do, they came down, on both the sets, and pretty low, I might add; lower than if I had gone to Walmart and bought a new cheap table. So...I took them...both!
Here is the wrought iron table and chairs. I will have to say, they have some weight to them, so even though I did not get my swim in this morning, I got a good workout moving furniture. I will have to replace the cushions soon though.
I will probably choose green when I do replace them.
I love the detail.
Here is the teak set. I need to wash the tables and chairs off, but it was a bit warm. I will have to wait to do that tonight when it gets down to....80.
What I like about this set, is that it all folds up, the chairs and table, so if we needed more room out there, I can fold these babies up and set it aside.

Well, I'm glad I remembered the garage sale. Got what I've been wanting for awhile and didn't have to chuck out a hunk of money either.  Now I just need to find some outdoor fabric on sale and get busy replacing those cushions. 

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  1. Score! Nice sets. Our glass topped table blew over and shattered in the spring and I too have been too "thrifty" to pay full $$ for a new one. Maybe I hit the yard sales tomorrow :-D