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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bridal Necklace

Someone very special is getting married soon, so I've been working on wedding jewelry. The bride has chosen pink and green for her colors, because her favorite color is pink and the grooms favorite color is green. Since they are getting married in August, and the birthstone for that month is peridot, she has chosen a lighter green.
A few months ago, a friend of mine (who started making jewelry sometime ago), decided she wanted to focus more on quilting. She wanted to sell all her stuff and told me about it. There were all kinds of pretties, and I bought it all. Included in her many boxes of stuff were some really nice crystal hearts. She had one big deeper pink (which is pictured above and for the bride), three smaller hearts to match, three more that were a bit lighter, and three clear hearts. She also had a lot of pink crystal beads and a few peridot colored crystal beads. I had some freshwater pearls that I've been keeping aside for an occasion like this.
Here is the bride's necklace up close.
My friend also had some round, silver, clear crystal beads in her stash that I thought went perfect.
Everything easily came together for this necklace, and I've started on the rest of the bridal party. I'm sure I will be showing them all when I get them done.

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