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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our Backyard...A Work in Process...

Just over a year ago, we moved from Louisiana. This time last year, we were living with my in laws until we could get in our new house in Kentucky. One of my favorite things about our front yard landscape in Louisiana was our fountain.
It was one of the focal points in our front yard. I wasn't quite sure where I wanted to put it at our new home. There was already a fountain in front, besides there are a lot of pretty big bushes in the front, I thought the fountain would get lost.
My husband decided to put in the back, that way we could enjoy the sound when we sat on the desk. The only problem was, it looked funny there all by itself. We left it there over the winter. 
This past April, my mom and I went to Disney with my sister and her family. While we were there, I was inspired by these planters they had all around Downtown Disney. I thought it would look nice around our fountain.
So a couple weeks ago, we gathered our pots that did not get broken during the move and started planting.  As far as a choice in flowers, there was not much of a variety. At first I was a bit disappointed  but as we started planting, I was fine with what we came home with.
I love purple and yellow (no, I am NOT an LSU fan, I have always liked purple and yellow). 
We picked up a few herbs...Basil and Thyme.
We found this Salvia on the half price shelf and decided to give it a try. It looks like it is going to make it. I can't wait to see the butterflies and hummingbirds it is suppose to attract.
So far, this is what we have. It still needs a few more pots, but it is a start. I do believe once the flowers start filling in the pots more, it will look a lot nicer.
We bought some Begonias,  but after we planted them, we learned that they are poisonous to dogs. I moved them to where Sox cannot get to them.
Next to the fountain area, we have some cucumbers that are beginning to grow.
We also have some grape tomatoes and green peppers that are getting big. I think we should have planted the peppers somewhere else.
Can't wait til we have some read tomatoes!
Here are some more tomatoes. Not sure how these guys are going to do. We planted them here so the deer would not get to them. You see, we have a deer issue; as in about six to ten deer a day come through our yard. Hopefully, they will not come up on our deck and eat our plants.
Wish us luck!

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