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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's For The Birds....

Ok...before I begin, I want you to promise me you won't laugh too hard. You see, what I'm about to show you is pretty funny, and I have been laughing at myself about this.
A few weeks ago, I started making these cute little critters. The first one I changed up a bit because I wanted to make a duck. 
The second one I made exactly like the instructions said, and came out with this cute little orange chick.
The third one I call Ghost Bird. Even though I followed the instructions exactly like the orange chick, it came out looking like a football...hmmm...
I wanted to try to do a flamingo. You know I HAD to do a flamingo...Tappingflamingo?  Anyway, he turned out big and, well flat. Yes...same instructions. Not sure what I am doing wrong to come out with such a diverse group of birds.
 I took them to the stitch club I go to each month, and the ladies loved them. Then I told them about my dilemma. We all had a good laugh. The only thing I can think, is that the first one I did with ZERO interruptions. Not so with the other three. 
Well, even if that is not the true reason, it is a good excuse, don't ya think?  Hey!!!! At least they stack well....

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  1. You are actually pretty close to make a flamingo!
    So, are you using stitch makers, and if you are or aren't using them, are you stopping every few rows to count your stitches? You really have to do that with amigurumi because it is so easy to miss a stitch, and that throws everyone off.