Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Saturday, November 15, 2014

It Turned Cold In Kentucky...Already?!

This past week I was up in our home in Kentucky. For the first few days, it was nice, but then.....it got cold. I even saw some snow flakes...REALLY!? It's just November. I guess we are in for a very cold winter, brrrr!
One thing that is pretty cool (I know I use that word way to much), are all the deer that come to visit us in our backyard. Even though my husband is a deer hunter and we eat deer meat, I love to watch them frolic around in the yard. They are such beautiful animals.

Each morning...early, like between 4 and 6, they come to feed, and then around 4 pm they are back. When it is cool like it has been they run around and chase each other. I guess the cool weather makes them frisky, I know our dog loves the cool weather like that.
The leaves are all off the trees now, and winter is about to settle in. Growing up in Florida, I never experienced the change of seasons. Sometimes people do not understand. The first time I saw the change of the fall leaves, I was about 21, and I was very impressed. I will admit, it is a beautiful time of year. I guess each season has it's own way of being beautiful...even though my favorite time is summer...warm and green :D

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