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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I Am Saddened

Yes, I am saddened... 
and hurt!

Why? Because people who I thought loved me have shown that they don't really...

I have been accused of things that I did not do. I have been told that because I am of a certain religion, that I think certain ways....some is true, but mostly people have a very strange idea of what I believe or think...

I've been told I hate someone because they don't believe as I do. That is far from the truth. Sure, I might not agree with what they do or believe, but I don't "hate" them...that is a very strong word.

I have been called every name in the book because of what I believe.
And I believe good things, and I try my best to be a good person.

I love my neighbor, I try my best not to judge others, by giving people the benefit of the doubt. Before I judge them, I think...."What would I do if I were in their shoes?" or "What is the rest of their story?" When I'm in a group who starts to judge someone, I will say something like, "Well maybe there is a good reason for what they do..."

I try to serve others, I listen to others, I pray for others...sometimes that's all one can do for others...is pray...

You maybe asking yourself, "Terry, what has brought this on?"

The answer to that question is....

This stupid election!

Yes!  Because I am for a candidate that others think are evil; that makes me evil, stupid, deplorable, racist, ignorant, and other words I will not use on this blog because I do not use them...ever! 

Yes, I have been called every name in the book...and these are from people who I thought knew me, loved me....

So, maybe they didn't say it to my face, but ranting and raving on social media about certain people and how @#$%&* they are, well, it's pretty much including me. 

I know I am not alone in this...I know others who feel this same way.

I know who I am, I know who we all are...children of a loving Heavenly Father....and I'm sure he is also saddened by the way we are all acting.

Hateful to each other!
And wanting to do GREAT harm to each other...even those we love. This election has caused forever relationships to be broken up, even putting family against family. 

I see a great divide in this country...and in fact in this world. This is not good...

Ok...so I know a lot of you do not believe the same as I do...I have friends and family who do not believe in a supreme being...but!!! we can all still be nice to each other...right?

I  want to challenge everyone who reads this post...let us put our differences aside. Let us love each other for who we are, not because we voted for this person or that person. Even if we do not agree with each other, we need to put that aside. I don't think that most of us will change our minds as to who we will vote for. Some of us have already voted and sent the ballot in. 

Let us love each other no matter the outcome of this election. Who ever is elected has HUGE job on their hands, and we need to understand that. Not everything this person said they will do can happen...their hands will be tied to a certain extent, and we need to understand that. We need to show each other, and the government that we are UNITED, that we have unconditional love for one another, and that we want to better this country. 

No matter who is elected, this country, heck, this world is going to be going into hard times. We need to be there for each other. There is strength in numbers. Let us band together and help each other during these hard time.

One more thing...

Starting right now...I am not going to post another political post. Can I hear the same for all of you?! No more political posts!!!! All it does is get our heart rates up and make us angry...

Let us be happy...it is much better for our health...

You all have a wonderful day...and I really do mean that! :)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Gifts For Her

Part 2! Yesterday I talked about Gifts for the guys...today...Gifts for the Gals! They are much easier...usually, unless you have too many things you want to get them, lol

As I mentioned with the guys, clothes and money are great ideas. But!!! it's kinda the expected. But you know...? $$ is probably what my daughter and daughter in law will be getting. Of course, I'll have to find them something that is unexpected...

My shop, TappingflamingoBling (facebook and etsy) has a lot of jewelry and ornaments on it.

These earrings are made using alligator gar scales and glass pearls.

Any Disney Fans?

How about pendants made from used, clean music strings?

Earrings to match!
Guitar string bracelets!

You know someone who likes to shop? Here is a
guitar string ornament with a purse charm!

Lanyards are a great gift!
Jewelry sets!
Crystal earrings....
Paper beads!

Anyway...as you can see I have all kinds of different jewelry, ornaments and even keychains available at reasonable prices. I know how hard it is in today's economy, to find nice things for nice people, so I strive to keep my prices low. 

I hope you check my tappingflamingo Instagram and youtube channel out, and TappingflamingoBling Etsy Shop and Facebook page.

Have a wonderful day!!!
and...Happy shopping!!!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Gifts For Him

This is part one of a two part blog. The holiday gift giving season is just around the corner. Have you even started your shopping yet? Many have not, so I am hear to help...

I started with Gifts For Him, because that seems to be the hardest. I grew up in a house full of girls, but am a mom of a house full of boys (plus one girl), so I know!

So...what to get that special guy? By special I mean, Dad, Brother, Husband, Son, Uncle, Son in law, Brother in law, etc....

Money is always a good thing. The last few years, that is pretty much what my kids want...and need, and that is what they got. I do like to get them a little something though, and I like to give things that are a bit different, yet something that is not a waste....something that they can use.

Ties, video games, and clothes are among various other things you can get that guy in your life, but those are pretty much the expected...but I like the unexpected, so here are a few ideas for those of you that are like me....

The first thing I want to show you is a key chain, made from guitar strings. Now these are a fun conversation piece, and could not only be given to your favorite musician, but anyone who loves music at all!

The next thing I want to suggest is also made of used, cleaned music strings....
Music String Bracelets!

A few of the guys at our local music store asked if I would make them one, and they love their bracelets.

This next idea is a Christmas ornament, but can also be used as a car ornament...you know those things people hang from their car mirror? Living in Louisiana, we have a TON of LSU fans....hence, the purple and yellow colors. I can make ornaments to suite just about any fan...weather you are a Broncos fan, Dolphin fan, or even wanting the colors of your favorite high school team.

Speaking of ornaments...here is an ornament that would be a great topper on a package, and then hang in your car. Just a drop of your favorite essential oil on this terracotta clay piece will make your car smell soooo nice! One could even hang this around their neck. I know I like to wear these, especially when I'm having respiratory issues, I just add a drop of my favorite oil to assist in breathing, and it's there when I need it. I do make these into necklaces too.

If you are interested in any of these ideas, they are available on my TappingflamingoBling Facebook page. I also have an Etsy shop and my Tappingflamingo Instagram has a ton of stuff on it. You see something you like...let me know.

So, I hope this helps you out, and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season....

Happy Halloween!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!
Happy Kwanzaa!
Happy New Year!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Pediatrician's Guide to feeding Babies and Toddlers

Practical Answes to Your Questions on Nutrition, Starting Solids, Allergies, Picky Eating, and More
      by Anthony F Porto, MD MPH and Dina M Dimaggio, MD

I am a new grandma, and when I saw this book up for review I was so excited about it! The Pediatrician's Guide to Feeding Babies and Toddlers is a great resource for new moms as well as experienced grandmas. Anthony Porto and Dina Dimaggio, both MD's, have put together a great book with a plethora of information. The chapters are divided into age groups...0 to 3 months, 4-6 months, 7-8 months, 9-12 months, and chapter 5 addresses the toddlers. Each chapter talks about the milestones of that age group, and also some of the challenges...which they give some answers to many of the challenges that come up. At the end of each chapter are some recipes. In chapter 1, the recipes are mainly for the parents...but can be given to your baby when they are older. I can't wait to try the Oatmeal Power Cookies on page 55. I think they would even be good as a breakfast....yum! The other chapters have some pretty good looking recipes that not only your child will like, but the whole family as well!

 "I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Another Book Review...."spark joy; an illustrated master class on the art of organizing and tidying up" by marie kondo

I received the book, Spark Joy; An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo some time ago. I chose this book  because we recently moved, and I need to do some "tidying" and get rid of stuff. I thought this book would be a huge help. Funny thing is, one of the first things the author says is to not wait until you move to get organized...oh well...

Marie Kondo's strategy is different than what I have seen other organizers do. I've always been told that going room by room is a good way, but the author says to tidy up by category. I actually think this might just work for me. The sentimental things should be the last thing one goes through, because we tend to get distracted with these items....makes sense to me!

I just took a road trip and read through Spark Joy, and have now made up my plan to get organized.  I hope I can stick with it. 

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

Measuring Your Hand For Guitar String Bracelet

Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday, July 18, 2016

I'm NOT Going to Cry; At least I'll Try Not to Cry...

It has been quite a while since I actually WROTE a blog. For the past...I don't know how many months (A LOT), I have been posting videos...which is ok, but I probably do need to write every now and again. So....here is a written post....

A lot has been going on in our family. With four children, something is always going on...which is how it should be, and I LOVE it! But!!!! For the next month, I am going to be on an emotional roller coaster...mostly going up...which is good. I don't want any downs...

So, what is going on? Ok...here it goes....

This week, my daughter, her husband and MY 18 month old grand daughter are coming to visit!!!!! Ya...I'm just a little bit excited!!! It has been awhile since they have been at our house. Baby has never been to Grandma's; and Mom and Dad have not been to this house. We moved since the last time they were at "home."
So....my daughter and grand daughter plan to stay for a few weeks. Here husband has to get back to school/work. Actually, he starts his internship with his physical therapy program...which is another exciting thing...he is almost a full fledged physical therapist!   

The second thing that is going on is....my missionary son is coming home!!!! He has been gone for two years, and he is just about done with his service. I remember when he first went out, I had so many emotions going on. I has excited for him, happy, sad for me...all at the same time. Imagine being excited, happy and sad all at once! Yes it is possible...but very exhausting! 
Anyway...I hope I don't cry. Usually, I am not a crier, but not sure I will be able to hold back those happy tears. When he left, I cried tears of joy and sadness...weird, I know.....

Ok, so after he gets back, we will be heading to Florida to see my family. It has been awhile since my son has seen them, so we thought we would take a very quick trip to Florida before we took our daughter and grand daughter back to North Carolina. 

Now the next thing...I have to say good bye...to my son...ugh! Yes. He will be heading back to school...hey! At least I can call him and talk to him and text him, whenever I want!

Now...one more thing!!!

I'm going to be a grandma, again!!!!!! Yes, our oldest son and his wife are due...August 29!!!
So, you see why there are going to be so many emotional things happening in our family...all good things...all up hill on the roller coaster of life! 

Again. I really hope I don't cry....

But, I probably will....

Sometimes, just thinking about all this, I feel that big lump in my throat....

Recycled Guitar String Bracelets

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Swap N Hop 2016!

It is finally time for the big reveal from the 2016 Swap N Hop! Back in February, I got some neat stuff from Lee Koopman of Strega Jewellry's Blog. You can see all the fun stuff on my blog here. The main requirement was first...do NOT send junk and second, send something that is handcrafted.

Lately, I've been into making earrings. I have quite a few on my shop and I just love earrings. Lee made some fun things with leftover wire, and I decided to hang a couple of the purple glass beads she sent. I used bead caps to make a more finished look.

Staying on the earring theme, I made these two sets of "peace" earrings with the peace sign beads Lee sent. I make paper beads, and decided to add some of my hand rolled/glazed beads. Aren't they fun?
These earrings are made of crystal hearts and mother of pearl beads. The hearts are gray or purple in color, depending on the lighting. 
Lee also sent me some sari ribbon. A few years ago, I got hooked on this through another bead hop. Most of the items on my TappingflamingoBling Etsy shop are a Beachy Boho look, and this bracelet I made with the sari ribbon is very much that look. The ribbon is wrapped on a memory wire bracelet, so this should fit most wrists. I wire wrapped ebeads around and then added a mermaid charm.
I then finished this piece off by tying a piece of white lace onto the bracelet...I love lace!

While we are on the bracelet kick, I'd like to share my next piece with you.

Lee sent me this hand stamped piece. I took some more of the sari ribbon she sent and made bead with it and then put it all together with this "old school" disc. It is a double bracelet.
Again, we have that Boho look.

I've actually been making more of these sari ribbon beads and have put them together in other pieces and they are now for sale on my etsy shop.
Very Beach Boho, don't you think?
This next piece is made up of all kinds of beads from one of my favorite colors...PURPLE!!!
The lighter purple beads above, have that sea glass look. I love it!

I love to put all kinds of textures and beads together in one piece. It makes it so interesting, don't you think? 

I used this button clasp that Lee made. This is actually meant to be seen, not hidden away behind your neck like most clasps.
My sister gave me some seahorse charms, so I decided to use them with some of the beads Lee sent me. I plan to make another just like this one to give to my mom. Don't you love those turquoise beads? The small ones look like sea glass, and the larger ones are very colorful!

Now for my last piece...First, though, let me give you a little background. Last year, I went on a cruise with my husband, youngest son and mom. Mom and I got some neat charms from a store in St Maartin...for FREE! I tucked them away for the right beads, and here they are!

Again, I used the small turquoise "sea glass" beads. I also used some of the beautiful glass turquoise beads.
I added a few gold bead caps, silver beads and crystals I had from my stash. I wanted to wear this piece with gold or silver jewelry, so that is why I have the silver beads and silver clasp on it.

And here you have it. My creations for the 2016 Swap N Hop. I hope you go check out my partner, Lee Kooper's page, and then check out the rest of the group. I'm sure you will not be disappointed. 

PS....After I wrote this blog, sadly, Lee had to bow out. She had a very sad thing happen in her life....her mom died, then Lee got very ill. Keep her in your prayers please....

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Random Acts of .....Earrings!

It's been awhile since I have actually written a post. Lately, I've been doing Youtube videos and then posting. 
The other day I was talking to my sister, who also makes jewelry (tammypowley.com). She told me that she was doing..."Random Acts of Jewelry." In other words, giving away some of her creations to random people. I thought that was a pretty neat idea, and decided I want to join in.
So, how to do this? Well, in about 38 days my mom and I are heading out on a seven day cruise, so that is where I will do my Random Acts of....Earrings. I plan to give away at least one pair of earrings each day on the cruise. I am going to make about a dozen pair, because I might want to give some to the ladies at our table. 
When I get them done, I am sure I will do a video and show my creations I plan to give away. So...stay tuned....

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Unboxing of Bargain Bead Box March 2016

Creations From My March 2016 Bargain Bead Box Shipment

With all the water and flooding here in Louisiana, I have not had a lot of  time to make very much jewelry. But!!! I did manage to make a few pieces with this month's shipment of The Bargain Bead Box. Check out my unboxing on my tappingflamingo youtube channel. 

 When I first saw this pendant, I got all excited and then when I saw the pink and green crystals I got even more excited. I love these colors, and they remind me of my son's wedding. You see, pink and green were the colors they used...pink because that is her favorite color and green because that is his favorite color. I thought that was a fantastic idea...colors to represent them both!

As I was making these pieces, especially the earrings, I thought they would make great items for a wedding! I did wear the necklace and earrings on St. Patty's Day, and got LOADS of complements. I loved them, but knew I would be putting them into my TappingflamingoBling Esty Shop. I took pictures, posted on my Instagram and Facebook and soon, someone asked why they were not in my shop. 

With all the flooding, our church group (Mormon Helping Hands) did a lot of volunteer work, taking out flooring, drywall, insulation, etc, and I was a part of that; that is why I was not able to get it into my shop right away. Eventually, it was posted, and within a few minutes both the earrings and necklace were gone. 

This necklace is a one of a kind piece, and probably will not ever be duplicated. I tried to find the pendant, but had no luck; but that is ok, I love unique pieces, and most of the jewelry I make are one of a kind.

The earrings? Well they are not one of a kind and are listed on my shop now. I only have a couple of pairs to go around though. 

Now this last piece, I made for two different challenges. The Bargain Bead Box is one of them. The other will not be revealed until May. It's just a blog hop, so stay tuned for the reveal of some other pieces.

These earrings are made of the glass flower beads from the Bargain Bead Box and a piece of Sari ribbon that I made into a bead. I love these earrings, and will probably list them on my Esty shop. These will not be a one of a kind, but I will not have a ton of them...so stay tuned for this summer....I have lots of fun stuff planned for TappingflamingoBling.

Well, that's all I have had time for this month. Hoping April showers won't be as heavy as the ones in March have been. I look forward to the April shipment of Bargain Bead Box...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why I Opened My Etsy Shop

I love to make jewelry and have been making it ever since Junior High School. Well, I did take off a few years while raising our four children. 

Now that we are pretty much empty nesters, I started to make jewelry again. In recent years, I have given my creations as gifts and donated to various places including women's shelters and cancer centers. 

I have also taught classes at the local library, the senior center, and to youth and women at church.

In the last few years, I have had two of our children get married, and was given the privilege to create the jewelry for their wedding.
This was for my daughter in law....

This was for my daughter....
I had a ton of fun creating these.

Many of my friends have told me that I need to sell my jewelry. They told me to open up an Etsy shop; so October 2015, TappingflamingoBling was born. 

guitar string bracelet

Most of my pieces are made primarily of semi precious stones, glass beads and crystals. Since I grew up in Florida, I gained a love for anything that pertains to the ocean or tropical, so most of my pieces reflect that. I like to keep my creations affordable, but at the same time use good quality products. My main goal is to make you look beautiful, yet not break the bank.
On my TappingflamingoBling Etsy Shop, I just added some of those expandable bracelets that are popular now...and they don't cost $25 to $50 either! They are very affordable.

Most of my stuff is one of a kind, like this piece. It is made of green  and pink Chinese crystals. I dropped a silver leaf pendant that sports a beautiful tiger's eye stone. This piece was sold very quickly! Sorry...

However, these matching earrings...well, even though they sold with the necklace, I can reproduce them again. But only for a limited time.

I can also do custom orders. Just send me a convo on Etsy and we can discuss what you are looking for. I sure hope you check out my shop!