Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Quilt Show

I have settled down here in good 'ole Madisonville, KY quite well. I have met some really nice ladies at the YMCA where I go each day to try and get my body back in shape. Through these ladies, I have been invited to several functions, one of which was a quilt show. One of my friends had a quilt in the show, and so we met up at the college and looked at all the gorgeous quilts.
When we first came into the building, we could see many of the beautiful quilts hanging along the walls. I love the bright colors!
And most of them were hand stitched....WOW!
I was drawn to this one, not only because of the yellow, but because of the heart motif.
And here is another yellow one. I also like that turquoise one to the right.
So much to ooooo and awwwww over!
Then there was this one. I love the purple, orange and pink. I was very much drawn to this one. Then I found out this is the quilt we came to see. This is the one my friend had made. This was also her first quilt. Didn't she do a gorgeous job?
As we walked over to the holiday area, I saw this cool Christmas tree. It is made of yo yo's. I remember my grandmother making clown dolls out of these circular yo yo's. Brought back a lot of nice memories.
Another colorful quilt!
As we ventured down the next hallway, the quilts seem to go on forever. So many talented ladies!

This one is not yellow and purple, it is yellow and blue; a very beautiful blue. I was really disappointed that it did not show the nice colors of the quilt. I think it was the lighting in the building.
Some of my favorite colors!
This one attracted quite the audience. Click on the picture so you can get a better look. It is full of cats! I'm more of a dog fan, but I have to admit, I really liked this quilt.
Another colorful quilt. Don't you love all the bright colors?

I am grateful I took the time to check this out. These quilts will be at the college until the end of October. Anyone is welcome, free of charge, and I would recommend if you are in town, to go see them. Who know's you might get inspired as I did. I signed up for a Tshirt quilt class.
This is one I did for Miles several years ago.
One down, three to go.
So wonder who this next one will be for.....;)
Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pretty In Pink

These are my pretty pink roses just outside my craft window. Aren't they pretty? I will enjoy them as I do my crafting. That is if I ever get the room put together...

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Have you ever been at a game and looked up at the lights?
This particular night at the soccer game, I could smell the hamburgers on the grill. As I looked up I noticed the smoke dancing around the lights.
As the smoke dissipated, I noticed all the bugs.
I love the way the camera caught the movement of the insects zipping around.
It was actually quite entertaining.
Don't get me wrong, the game was pretty good too, I just got a little distracted and had to take these cool pictures.
By the way, we won the game!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What the heck is this!?
Cousin It?
A mop?
Well, close.
This, is our mascot. Someone's rendition of a Maroon. I had heard about him, and I finally saw him in person the other night at our soccer game. 
Cute, but weird.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Zebra Room

Remember Paige Smith?
Well, she is still with us.
With multiple kids in college and trying to do it without loans, and not qualifying for grants, some of the plans for the house is going to have to wait. (I am grateful for Scott's scholarships, but it still does not pay all the bill). Interesting enough though seems like this room went together better than I thought.
 As you see in the above pictures, Paige Smith is in the zebra motif, as are the valences above the window. I decided to stick with the zebra theme, especially when I saw this cool picture I bought at one of my favorite stores in Louisiana. Cost....$14!
 Several years ago, I painted this chair. Look how well it matches this room!
 We had our Sterlington Panther's throw that looks nice on the end of one of the beds.
 I had these patriotic themed quilts from the spare room in Louisiana. So far everything seems to work.
Since this is primarily a game room, I L'd the beds. When Scott is home from school, he sleeps in here, so except for Kinect and other games it is just an empty room.
 Of course when I saw this zebra rug at my fav store, I had to buy it too. $30!
 In art class, Scott painted this nice picture. I absolutely LOVE it, and it goes quite nicely in this room. I am waiting for a frame I ordered from Wally World, just ten bucks!
 Originally, I wanted to get some new pulls for the dressers and closet doors, but I think I'll wait. Not a fan of the brass, but not sure I will be keeping the room this way forever. So until I can do something in this room, this is pretty much it. I do have a mirror to hang, oh and I just noticed I have some more moving stickers to remove, lol (see yellow strip on side of TV). Seems like it takes forever to get those things gone!
Total cost of putting this room together?
55 buckaroos!
Not bad!the

Monday, September 24, 2012


Now that the inside of our home is pretty much put together
I needed to do something around the entry area
So, I made a couple of wreaths, using some leftover wedding flowers from Ashley and Jeremy's wedding in June of 2011.
Bill bought some pretty yellow mums for either side of the porch.
Very simple, yet inviting, don't you think?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Today is not Friday, but this week's Foto Friday is a very special one. 
This man, is my father in law. I am so lucky to have the best in laws! But anyway, Bryan has not been feeling very well since May. He was found to have gal bladder issues and we thought all was taken care of. 
The day these photos were taken (Labor Day Weekend) was the day he got out of the hospital, and we were having the Carter Family Reunion. 
It was a happy occasion, and Bryan was celebrating his 78th birthday.
Shortly after the reunion, Bryan found himself back in the hospital, and Friday we found out he had cancer. Saturday morning, he went home to his Heavenly Father. 

William Bryan Carter
1 September 1934 ~ 22 September 2012
You will be greatly missed!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Senior night is fast approaching us for the boys soccer team. As parents, we are to supply some pictures of our boys for a banner they will be making and displaying. I went to Walgreens to get some of these copied, and was paid a very nice complimate by the lady behind the desk. She asked if I had taken these. I told her yes.
She told me that they looked very professional. I was so glad to hear that, as I would love to get paid for my photography someday.

I am so excited to see the banner. We were asked for an action shot,
and two other pictures of our choice. They would take the main picture for the banner. I was really hoping to use one of my pictures, but I didn't  pursue that until I saw what I had to choose from. The picture itself was fine, but I could tell that these photos were just that, photos. Why do I say that? 
Well, there was so much background distraction! You know boys, they just throw there stuff anywhere, right? In the picture behind the goal were shoes, towels, clothes thrown on the ground. That just bugged me. It doesn't look too bad here, because I tried to edit it out. You can actually tell if you look close. Anyway, when you put it on a huge banner, well, it is really noticeable. So, I took Ben in our backyard and took more pictures. He loved that, NOT! 
So, this is what will be on the banner. No, no smile. Well, if you look close, there is a hint of one. He told me no one smiles in their pictures. I guess they are suppose to look tough or something like that.
Ben's senior picture I took at the neighborhood bayou just before we moved from Louisiana will be another picture that will be on this banner.

The other picture is a soccer picture of him at age 6. I have seen what the banner will look like, and I am quite pleased. I'm sure I will share it and all the details in a later blog.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Cancer Center Earrings

Remember all the cool beads I received from most recent Bead Soup Blog partner, Shawn Marie Mills?  I had mentioned that I was going to make up a batch of earrings and donate them to our cancer center. Well, I was able to do just that last week.
I made cards and placed the earrings on them. On the back I put an uplifting message.
I then put together a card from Shawn and I. 

When I left them at the cancer center they told me that the ladies would be very excited about them. They have a basket that they put  them in along with the card. I'd like to thank Shawn for supplying me with the beautiful beads.